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Appeasing Saudi Arabia

Few words in the English language make me as uncomfortable as the word “appeasement.” That’s because it conjures images of Neville Chamberlain, train tracks and ovens. So, when tonight I heard talk radio host Glenn Beck use the word appeasement in the context of the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia, I sat up and took notice. I reacted as I did because that one word instantly brought into focus all that is occurring around us.

AppeasementEnergy, finances and Wahhabism are the 21st century trinity. You probably know about the U.S.- Saudi oil dependent relationship. You may even know that Saudi investment and ownership in U.S. companies and enterprises includes such holdings as 60% of Citibank and $20 million gifts each to Georgetown and Harvard Universities to buy Departmental Chairs and influence curriculum. The list is endless and the sums of money (read “influence”) are staggering.

But did you know that Saudi Arabia is the largest source of funding for terrorism in the world? Or that Wahhabism is the dominant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia? Or that it’s “a religious movement among fundamentalist Islamic believers that seeks to return to the earliest fundamental sources of the Quran”? It teaches the worst kind of hatred and spawns terror against all non-Muslim people and beliefs. It has schools in the United States teaching, for example, that Muslims should not only “always oppose” infidels “in every way”, but “hate them for their religion … for Allah’s sake”, that “democracy” is responsible for all the horrible wars of the 20th century”, and that Shia and certain Sunni Muslims were infidels.”

We have turned a blind eye towards the destructive relationship that has evolved with Saudi Arabia. While this Administration is not the first to be complicit in this, it is the one history will charge with being most like the despised Neville Chamberlain who appeased the enemy.

Today we are not witness to the final destination of train tracks but rather to beheading and suicide bombers. And as with the most recent attack in Boston, we again hear voices from those in power who deny the truth (“there’s no such thing as Islamic terrorism”) and conspire with the enemy to conceal it (Janet Napolitano lying to Congress about the immanent “voluntary” deportation of Boston terror attack likely co-conspirator Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi).


Whether the Nazis or the Saudis, selling your soul to Evil in exchange for anything is but an illusion. Evil make no deals from which it does not emerge the victor having consumed the vanquished.

Our only hope is to courageously stand for what is right and true albeit it difficult.  My prayer is that there are enough of us willing to do just that before we find ourselves out of options.

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Murder Philly Style

I like to think I know history in spite of what I was taught in public school and private universities. That’s because I have an inquisitive nature and love to read. Which is why I know who Margaret Sanger was and what she espoused. So it comes as no surprise, although no less revulsion, that the CEO of Planned Parenthood for Southeast Pennsylvania admitted this week that her organization knew of the atrocities and murder taking place at Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s West Philadelphia abortion house of horrors and did nothing about it.

Planned ParenthoodYou see, Ms. Steinberg was being a good foot soldier in the army Sanger founded to control reproduction of minorities (read as African Americans) and undesirables (read as anyone deemed of insufficient-value-production-capability to enrich society). Sanger was a eugenicist. So was Adolph Hitler. Not hyperbole…just an apt reference point. Sanger would have done away with anyone she and other like-minded elitists believed to be a burden to society or a poor cost-benefit risk. Like-minded thinking can be found in The Affordable Care Act (read as Obamacare).

Many years ago I started out as a Liberal Democrat. I was raised in a house, a religion and a community that pretty much all gravitated in that direction. It has only been through actual life experience and the slow demise of this great Nation that I have come to not only adamantly espouse and defend most Conservative, even Libertarian, values but also abhor the hypocrisy of the political Left.

Liberals and Leftists are no more hypocritical than on the issue of abortion. While thinking and marketing themselves as compassionate advocates of the downtrodden and needy, they time and time again act as did Dayle Steinberg when she knowingly turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the slaughter of truly innocent human life.

Why? It’s simple, really.

Dayle Steinberg carried out the mission statement of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and what she herself believes with integrity and perfection. Do whatever it takes regardless of however barbaric the manner to eliminate those who a select few, filled with hubris and self-aggrandizement, deem unworthy of life.

I find Margaret Sanger and what she stood for to be, posthumously, despicable. I find Planned Parenthood to be an organization dedicated to murder. And I find Dayle Steinberg a shameless human being who lacks anything resembling a conscience.

She’ll probably get promoted.

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The Lesson from Boston: America on The Edge

I’m watching breaking news in the Boston area and I’m wondering how many people who previously thought otherwise are now rethinking the stance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Libery on fire“Bibi” Netanyahu was born in Israel, educated partly in the United States at the same high school I attended, wounded while serving in an elite unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, lost his brother Yoni who was later commander of the same Special Forces Unit, Sayeret Matkal (and who was killed in 1976 while commanding Operation Entebbe which successfully rescued kidnapped Americans and other European nationals). Netanyahu was the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations from 1984-1988.  In summation Bibi has been on the front lines, figuratively and literally, in both negotiation with and combating Islamic extremism.

Now, Islamic extremism has indisputably arrived in America. Two Muslim trained and radicalized Chechen young men selected what is euphemistically termed “soft targets”…what you and I call “people”…and blew them to bits. On the run, they continue to seek maximum destruction and intend to themselves die in seeking that end.

The “hard line” Prime Minister Netanyahu formed in relation to terrorism over the life of his military and political careers as a citizen of a nation perpetually in survival mode is born of experience. It’s not founded in theory, philosophy, or some idyllic utopian vision of a world joined by either Socialism or a Caliphate. When you’ve experienced enough deceit, mayhem and murder in your past, you tend to make decisions about your well-being based upon the likely occurrence of such things in your present and future, absent a change of heart by those who have pledged themselves to your extinction.

The Obama Administration is headed by a community organizer who, as President, has repeatedly insulted our friends and embraced and emboldened our enemies. Yet, the American people continue to “like” him.

As with Netanyahu, Obama’s experiences have formed, and continue to form, his ideology and stance. His experience teaches him that the West, and in particular the United States and Great Britain, have committed great sins in colonizing and oppressing peoples of other nations. His experience is that it’s time for an American mea culpa and it’s his time to structure and lead it.

We are not leaderless.

We, as a Constitutional Republic, are on the road to extinction.

We are not leaderless.

We are asleep and acting as sheep.

We are not leaderless.

We are being led down the road of extinction by this President.

We are not leaderless.

We are voluntarily blind, deaf and frighteningly dumb.


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Citizen Alert: Boston Terror Attack and The Saudi National

I generally do not act as a breaking news blog. However, some things demand attention by nature of their content.

LiesThe Saudi National hospitalized following the Boston terror attack, who was at first was considered a suspect, then a person of interest, and finally merely a witness, is being deported next week. His visa has been revoked. The reasons for his deportation, as stated in his deportation file, are “acts of terrorism” or suspected involvement in possible “terrorist activities.” He is a member of a prominent Saudi Arabian family.

Co-incidentally, if you believe in such things and don’t see patterns, President Obama met with the Saudi Foreign Ambassador yesterday at the White House. The meeting was designated as a “walk by” which is the term used for meetings that are not on the White House schedule and for which the President wants no responsibility. It is set up to look like a chance meeting with someone who “happens to be” in the White House when the President “happens to walk by” and so gets to exchange conversation.

All of the above is directly from the Saudi National’s deportation file verified by credible third party sources who have read the file. However, as of yesterday, the file has been partially classified by the National Target Center. What was classified is the reason behind the deportation. As of today, the deportation order may also be classified, making obtaining this information only possible by a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Saudi National is allegedly going home because he is ill and wants to be home. In fact, he was hospitalized after the attack with burns, possibly connected to  the materials used in the terror attack. There is a photo released which might verify this conjecture.

The FBI has photos of two additional persons of interest. Those photos to be released today. There may be a connection between the Saudi National being deported and these two additional males.

It is likely the Saudi National is being sent home to spare embarrassment to our government, strain with the powerful Saudi family, and damage to the U.S. government – Saudi Arabian financial relationship.

I ask that you stay with this story.  I ask that you not allow yourself to be misled and manipulated. I ask that you take back the power that you have given others over your birthright to be free.

ALERT: As I write this blog, there is apparently breaking news that now the government may not deport this individual. If this is true, it is solely the result of The Blaze which broke this story about 1.5 hours ago.

The truth is powerful and CAN make a difference. Make sure you are on the right side of what can only be described as a war for the control of human consciousness.

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Pure Hypocrisy

Hypocrite n. 1. a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion  2. a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

ObamaPresident Obama says it is “unimaginable” that Congress would “defy” the will of the people on gun control.

President Obama defied the will of the people on ramming through Obamacare when 51% of the Nation opposed it.

President Obama said the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” before he knew the facts, weighing in on the arrest of Harvard scholar and African-American Henry Louis Gates Jr.

President Obama, after the facts were determined, refuses to term the Ft. Hood massacre a “terrorist act”  but instead chooses to call it “workplace violence.”

President Obama stood with then college student Sandra Fluke on providing free contraceptives to college students through student health services.

President Obama will not comment on the mass murderer Dr.Kermit Gosnell, African-American, who aborted and brutally murdered approximately 50,000 children over the past 20 years.

President Obama says we shouldn’t go to Las Vegas and be more responsible in our personal financial (and nutritional) lives.

President Obama smokes cigarettes and takes, among others, a $1,000,000 golf weekend with Tiger Woods as the deficit soars past 16,000,000,000,000.

Hypocrite n. 1. President Obama.

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What Anthony Weiner Says About You

In case you were in a coma last year or on safari, Anthony Weiner is the former New York Congressman, sans conscience, who “sexted” young women photos of his private parts. Further, he lied to the American people claiming he had not done so and that his Twitter account was hacked. Ultimately he admitted the error of his ways, including but not limited to his lying, and resigned. In his spare time, Weiner also partook of a lie-based smear campaign against talk-radio host Glenn Beck and one of Beck’s sponsors, Goldline. But I digress.

Age of StupidFast forward and Weiner has thrown his hat into the ring once again as he tests the poll numbers in a bid for the Democratic nomination to run for….wait for it…Mayor of New York, To quote Hollywood, “Only in America.”

But this isn’t about Anthony Weiner. He’s just the reference point. It’s about you and me.

Whether you are religious and believe that we define ourselves by exercising our Free Will and making choices between good and evil, consider yourself part of the metaphysical movement and believe that we create our reality with our intentional thoughts, or are an atheist who thinks you’re bound by a personally defined moral code, choosing to put a despicable, lying, sex addict back into public office would be a pretty damning indication of just how unconscious and lacking in ethics the people of New York are.

Currently, Weiner is running a tight second in the polls. However, New York is merely the microcosm. The rest of the country can take no pleasure in casting the first stone. Step back just a tad and look at the last two Presidential elections. First, we elected a man with no experience. Then, when he did nothing in his entire term to either warrant praise or benefit the nation, we re-elected him rather than a man with proven successes and impeccable character…and look where we are.

Like it or not, we define ourselves by our choices and to a great extent, create the world we live in by those same choices. If you and I are unhappy with the present state of that world, then we better wake-up, take personal responsibility for our choices and stop kidding ourselves that it all happens by chance or outside of our control

If the Democrat Party runs Anthony Weiner as its Mayoral candidate, and New Yorkers elect Anthony Weiner as their Mayor, then they are either irreversibly ignorant or irretrievably unconscious. In either case, they will be damned by their choice.

Make no mistake. We always get to choose and by so doing, define ourselves.

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Murder and Lies in America

A house of horrors abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  A fourth grade teacher in Florida having students print that they would “give up some of [their] constitutional rights in order to be safe or more secure.” A New York high school teacher who assigned his class to “argue Jews are evil” while blaming them for the problems of Nazi Germany.

IndifferenceI am less troubled by who we have become than by the question, “Why don’t we care who we’ve become?” Have these collective offenses to the Divine in each of us been reduced, at best, to passing stories on the nightly news? Why do we not care about education that is agenda based, deceitful and perverse? Why are we so apathetic or hardened to the systematic slaughter of the unborn that we allow it to continue in the name of a woman’s right to choose?

I am a woman and I chose. When my ex-husband and I could not have a child we chose to go to China and adopt our daughter. She is a beauty both inside and out.  In light of the gruesome story out of Philadelphia, I look at her and am pained by the thought that she, too, could have been brutally “terminated” but for the courage of her birth mother, the existence of an orphanage and her own sheer will to survive.  What right do we have, we who are the beneficiaries of the gift of life, to take it from the innocence of others?  Why do we think we can escape the inevitable slippery slope of turning a blind eye to the total disregard and devaluation of human life?  If you know your Purim story and Mordechai’s admonition to Queen Esther, then you know the wisdom teaching that if you try and deny your responsibility towards saving humanity, you too will perish.

As for the stories out of Florida and New York, they are “the canaries in the gold mine” of education.  We are, through “Common Core” and our indifference to the personal responsibility for educating our children, abandoning and enslaving this and future generations to the distortions and perversions of evil. So as the power players bombard us with news and arguments in favor of gun control, they are simultaneously and systematically seeking to selectively control the population and mold minds through abortion and curriculum, respectively.

What they seek to accomplish can only be attained by our accompanying indifference and cooperation. What we think will not happen here is based upon the false premise that it can never happen here because it has never happened here.

The premise is false on two counts.

First, at the end of the Civil War, the nation embarked upon Reconstruction and by way of Black Codes, prohibited  gun ownership from freedmen, slaves and African-Americans.  The result? A flourishing Ku Klux Klan.  We have, in our own history, sought to control birth, education and self-defense of an entire people. It was a shameful time, a blight upon the National saga, with repercussions still felt today.  Secondly, an enlightened and civilized society, Europe of the early twentieth century, was the breeding ground for Adolph Hitler.

Evil can and will exist anywhere humanity allows it to germinate and grow through indifference and cooperation. The good news is that each of us has total control over how indifferent or cooperative we choose to be. Pick your cause. This is the time to be heard. This is the time to stand. Find the indignation within and, with focused intention, speak truth to power. This is your moment.

There is only One of Us. In no more concise a fashion can this be stated than it was by Rabbi Hillel, the 1st century Jewish sage and scholar who said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?”

Have the presence of mind to ask yourself “When?”  Then have the courage of heart to hear the response. “Now.”

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The Loss of Matthew Warren

Suicide crosses all economic and sociological boundaries. No one is immune by nature of their family ties nor is anyone to blame.  In fact, suicide knows no boundaries. This painful fact is most recently evidenced by the suicide death of Matthew Warren, the youngest son of Pastor Rick Warren, mega-church founder and author of the best-selling book “The Purpose Driven Life.”

HopeIt seems almost a cruel irony that a man who inspired so many to find purpose and meaning in their own lives must now tragically face an inability to gift that same purpose to his own child. This tragedy is not a failing on the part of Pastor Warren. It is the sad but very real outcome of an individual’s inability to find hope and meaning in the midst of suffering.

I know. I tried to commit suicide at age 24 and have spent decades since building a rich, full and meaningful life. However, since that fateful day, I have periodically been challenged with those same thoughts that caused me to choose attempted suicide all those years ago.

The difference in how I have since dealt with those thoughts is by learning to override them through an understanding that the only constant is change. Therefore, no matter how bleak the present moment may seem, I know that I can trust in the fact that it will pass and change will come.  I also developed an ever-growing sense of self-worth by facing, and overcoming,  life challenges…starting small and working my way up to ever-increasing accomplishments.

I have read that Matthew Warren was described as “an incredibly kind, gentle and compassionate young man whose sweet spirit was encouragement and comfort to many.” How I empathize.

We live in a fast-paced, often-times alienated-from-one-another world due to technological advancements and misplaced values. The more sensitive, caring and perceptive one is of the pain of others, the more challenging it can be to exist under such circumstances. It seems the most gifted, the most artistic, the most remarkable individuals in human history have suffered the greatest emotional turmoil. Perhaps this is the price of truly understanding and feeling our connectedness to one another. I do not yet have this answer.

What I do know is that hope and trust in the ability to survive and prosper are tied to experiences of competency. The more often an individual is able to experience autonomy combined with accomplishment the more likely they are to be able to emotionally and intellectually weather the storms of clouded thinking that see suffering as permanent and suicide as an option.

To schedule Carole Goldstein to speak to your group, organization or school on attempted suicide and effective ways to overcome negative thinking click here.

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