The Questions God Will Ask, Prepping For The Final Exam

The Questions God Will Ask: Prepping For The Final Exam

What happens when you combine quantum physics with spirituality? How do you get through a rapidly changing world where change is accelerated by daily advances in technology? Where do you find God/Source/Creator in the midst of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Identifying and staying on one’s life purpose is the search we each embark upon. Asking the right questions is the only way to assure you’ll receive the right answers.

The book describes 12 Principles of Power which, when combined, set out the roadmap for that search. Each of the Principles then poses the questions you must ask yourself to know if you are on course to finding and achieving your life’s purpose.

Energy is what everything in the physical world has in common. We tend to think of energy powering everything from lamps to nuclear plants. What we fail to focus upon is that we, ourselves, are energy. So, how do we harness the energy that is within us, and available to us, to connect with the Source of All energy?

We do it by understanding the Law of Right-use-ness of energy. It’s as simple as the difference between AM and FM. If you want to listen to classical music, you must tune into the frequency on which it’s being transmitted. It’s why you can listen to AM all day and likely never hear Mozart. Similarly, each of the Principles of Power vibrates on a specific frequency. To benefit from each, you have to access that Principle at its highest vibrational frequency.

Carole provides the most startlingly common sense way to do this. Hidden in plain view are the ways of accessing and using Universal energy. They are based upon scientifically proven and established facts about how energy was designed to be applied in our everyday lives. The result is a method of practical, daily application for connecting to God/Source/Creator while simultaneously creating peace, harmony and abundance in our individual lives and relationships with others.

Carole unites the spiritual and the scientific by identifying the common thread that joins them: the correct use of energy.

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