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mediation servicesAll discord, for whatever reason, stands in the way of your well being, prosperity and peace of mind.     ~Carole

All parties in a dispute have something in common. The thing you have in common is the very thing you are disputing. The challenge lies in the fact that you are seeing the dispute from different perspectives or, as I like to say, from different realities. Once you can see the bigger picture from the vantage point of the highest good for all concerned, you are able to create solutions previously unseen. My role as your mediator is to assist you in reaching that vantage point.

What is Mediation and Why Would I Choose It?

Mediation is your opportunity to retain control and decision making over your dispute. While it is not a viable route for all disputes it is, in a significant number of instances, a preferred method of resolution as opposed to becoming entangled in and navigating the legal system.

When I was a practicing attorney, there was a Judge who used to open her initial meeting with parties who had been unable to settle their case prior to trial with this statement: “This is you last opportunity to make your own decisions and remain in control of this matter. Once you proceed with trial, I will be making those decisions and I will be in control of the outcome.”

This was a sobering, but accurate, statement.

Mediation has several benefits over litigation

  1. It is less expensive. No endlessly accumulating legal fees.
  2. It is more expedient. No waiting for court calendars to schedule.
  3. It is confidential. There is no public record.
  4. It provides the opportunity to come up with creative solutions.

As a former divorce lawyer and mediator, I provide dispute resolution services for legal and non-legal matters. Typical legal issues that benefit from mediation are business related disputes, landlord tenant disputes, workplace disputes and divorce issues However, even non-legal disputes such as conflict between neighbors, friends or even college roommates can be resolved through mediation.

In addition, I have a real passion for assisting couples who want to move beyond reoccurring differences and discord so that your relationship can continue to grow and deepen.  My extensive experience in divorce law allowed me to see the common, and often times reoccurring, threads that entangle so many couples. Its this insight which led me to focus upon supporting couples in disentangling those threads.

Through a technique specifically crafted by me for couple’s mediation, The Relationship Gap Method and Relationship Gap Survey©, I help you quickly identify where the gaps are in your relationship and how to effectively deal with them. Then, if and when differences reoccur, discord is easily diffused. It no longer has the power to ignite repeated and sustained conflict.

The variety of perspectives and opinions we all bring to the table are not evidence of irreconcilable differences. They are evidence of the unique ways in which each of us moves through the same experience and reacts to it.  The key is learning to identify your own motivations, while at the same time respecting those which differ, so that all parties are able to find common ground.

My gift, and passion, is in showing you how to “get comfortable being uncomfortable” so that you can co-create solutions with those who have different but equally valid views and concerns.


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