Carole helps organizations and individuals to overcome fear and become “comfortable with being uncomfortable” when dealing with changing circumstances in personal and professional situations.



Carole’s expertise is in showing her audience how to go within, identify patters that inhibit personal and professional progress and connect with  the expert within. She is unparalleled at re-energizing and engaging people to pursue their highest potential and to rededicate themselves to improving the quality of everything they do.

Carole speaks on such diverse topics as overcoming fear, the expert within, user-friendly ethics, managing depression, understanding change, co-creation, the divine feminine and, realigning mission with method. Her audiences, like her expertise, are varied and include companies, organizations, women’s groups and youths.

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Carole provides one-to-one life mediation in a unique way.

Life is ever-changing and moves at a pace that can be overwhelming. Yet, nowhere are we taught how to adapt to change and ride its wave. Carole is an expert at traversing the rapids of change. She lays down stepping stones so you, too, can cross the rapids.

Carole stays by your side, mediating uncharted waters, until you have the confidence and inner knowing to realize that all you need on this journey is inner guidance. Carole helps you identify inner strength while she mediates and clarifies the unknown. Ultimately she gets you to the place where you embrace co-creation with others as a way to enrich your life and theirs.

In addition, Carole provides relationship mediation services to couples going through tough times. She even mediates couples thinking about divorce, or who are in the process, where there is some hope for possible reconciliation.