Mental Illness, Mental Health and Hope: Observations, Insights and Solutions

Mental Illness, Mental Health and Hope: Observations, Insights and Solutions

Mental Illness, Mental Health and Hope: Observations, Insights and Solutions is a series of essays on the many aspects of mental health and the challenges we face in finding and maintaining our emotional center in a highly stressful world. These are highly personal stories combined with practical guidance gained from living with depression, surviving attempted suicide, and having developed the inner strength and determination to accept one’s individuality and live one’s own truth. Carole believes that each of us is meant to use the challenges and struggles we experience to grow but also to share with other so that they can know there is light at the end of what, too often for too many, seems like a never ending tunnel.

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Mental Illness, Mental Health and Hope: Observations, Insights and Solutions

The Lightworker's Handbook

The Lightworker’s Handbook

A Spiritual Guide to Eliminating Fear

The Lightworker’s Handbook is a simple explanation and user-friendly guide to navigating the changes taking place around you. Not only does the book succinctly lay out what is unfolding globally, it also makes your role in it all crystal clear. Find out why you may be feeling alone, and how you are connected to a network of Lightworkers that serve as both your reflection and your strength!

You will feel inspired, uplifted and confidant after reading the book’s supplemental and revolutionary “English To Spirit Dictionary” which takes all of the mystery out of the new paradigm’s words and phrases.

You’ve been asking in your heart for guidance, The Lightworker’s Handbook is your Universal reply.

If you have been feeling adrift, uncertain, and looking for renewed purpose in your life, The Lightworker’s Handbook is here for you now!

Published by Outskirts Press, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4327-6890-4
84 Pages.

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Kali's Journey

Kali’s Journey

How do we empower children while teaching them about sprit and the unseen world?

How do we take the fear out of losing those we love?

How do we give children wisdom that sometimes takes adults decades to discover?

The answer to these questions are woven through the timeless story of Kali, a pre-teen who’s mother has died. Kali is overwhelmed by her loss and in her distress, runs away to her mother’s beach house. There Kali takes a sailboat out on the lake where she falls asleep. When she awakens it is to the onset of dusk and the discovery that she has drifted far from shore with no way back.

Distraught and fearful Kali cries out for her mother and is shocked when, in return, a young dolphin appears off the side of the boat and takes Kali on the adventure of her life! In conversation with the dolphin, the dolphin’s mother, and a wise old whale…Kali learns about love, loss, inner guidance, connection to Source and, ultimately, the way home.

The book is an easy yet profound read and is accompanied by original art.

Kali’s Journey is for children age 5 and up….and the child within us all.

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Money How to See it, Get it, and Keep it

Money: How to See it, Get it and Keep it

by Carole Goldstein & Steven Clark

In today’s turbulent economy, you do not have to flip houses or spend large sums of money for someone else’s “guaranteed” methods of making money. The book “Money: How to see It, Get It, and Keep It” offers you tips and strategies which are time-proven and life-changing.

What’s unique about the book is that it gives you both practical information on how to maximize the flow of money as well as priceless tips on how to survive in uncertain times. You can’t go wrong as the book was written to help readers create a healthy relationship with money… while making more out of the money they have for both themselves and those they love.

By way of guiding principles and sharing their deeply personal stories, Carole Goldstein and Steve Clark help their readers determine what they want out of life, how to create a plan of action that really works, and how to develop the habit of winning. An added bonus are the insights into how to implement the discipline to put it all together.

The book is comprised of 27 proven methods that can put more cash in your pocket in a way that aligns with the Universal flow of energy…since money is a form of energy. For each of the 27 steps, you get 1) the authors’ real experiences; 2) the cause underlying the problem, and 3) the practical solution that also shows you how to proceed should you find yourself facing a similar situation.

You’ll learn the real scoop on how to view and succeed in all aspects of your life from the moment you start your day until its end. The book is a fast, fun read with practical and often remarkable insights.

This book is easily understood and packed with no-nonsense advice. Step-by-step you’ll realize how to manage your life towards success. You can use this as a practical guide and a secret weapon in more ways than you can imagine. The book “Money: How to see it, Get it, Keep it” is about so much more than money. It’s a new way of looking at, and moving beyond, obstacles to abundance. This one’s for you!

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