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Restoring Honor: Glenn Beck’s Accomplishment

On Sunday, August 28th I found myself with my 17-year old daughter in Washington, DC amidst at least 500,000 people attending the “Restoring Honor” rally organized by Glenn Beck. I was there, so the CNBC (and other media outlet’s) estimate of approximately 87,000 is at best laughable and at worst deceitful.

Glenn Beck Rally Washington DC

My presence was, quite frankly, shocking to me because throughout my entire life, beginning with Woodstock and all the self-awareness seminars marketed since the 80’s, I have made it my mission to avoid large crowds and events aimed at ”group consciousness.” To have voluntarily arisen at 2:00AM to ride a bus with 58 strangers to an event 3 hours away that anticipated 100,000 attendees was definitely out of character.

So what was that all about?

It was about listening and watching Glenn Beck evolve over the past 3-4 years from entertainer to spiritual messenger. It was about his “track record” for successfully anticipating and, dare I say, accurately predicting economic and political realities. It was about his sincerity… and about the fact that there comes a time in everyone’s life when you must push through where you have been in order to get where you want to be.

So I pushed through.

The rally drew 500,000 courteous people. Hard to imagine, but true. It was a perfectly executed “production” from beginning to end. The content of the 3 hour event was religious, patriotic and uplifting. The highlight for me was Beck. And while he didn’t say anything I have not heard from him previously on radio or TV, he none-the-less continues to hone a vital and timely message, a wake-up call really, for a Nation in need.

restoring honor rally washington dc glenn beck

I had but one disappointment. While Beck brought onstage 240 clergy from various religious disciplines to close the event, everything that preceded it was decidedly promoting Jesus Christ as a particular path to God. The audience was well in agreement.  It’s important that I say I take no issue with that approach, or personal choice, to a connection with the Divine.  What I do say is that to get to that place where humankind transcends its historical divisions, animosity and limitations, we must move beyond religion and into a Consciousness of Oneness.

I do not say this lightly. I am a Jew with a 5000 year history, and DNA, that teaches its particular path to God as well. But after decades of exploring not only my ancestral path but many others as well, I have come to the conclusion that there is only One of Us… and that organized religion…  no matter who’s it may be … perpetuates separation.

Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha… did not have religious experiences.  They had very personal, spiritual experiences that showed them their connectedness to all of humanity. Later, men lusting after power and hoping to ride the coat tails of someone else’s epiphany, turned those personal experiences into structured and organized dogma with rigidly defined criteria for “getting it right” and getting to God.

Spirituality, as I define it and have experienced it, is a unique journey each of us must take within ourselves until the moment when we reach our own center only to find every other living being having patiently awaited our arrival.

Coming home, as it turns out, is a reunion of fragments of our lost Self.

I hope Glenn Beck continues on the path of energizing and educating our Nation. It is a noble task.

I also deeply pray that either he, or someone else, expands the message to include those who walk every other path so long as they all lead home to the indisputable knowing that there is only One of Us.

glenn beck rally crowd

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A Time for Revolution

Humanity is a Complex Adaptive System.  Simply put, when a butterfly flaps its wings in New York City, wind patterns change in Jakarta.  Or, returning to my statement about humanity, when one individual changes the way he or she does, thinks or feels about something, it necessarily impacts and changes the way all human beings are, think and behave. 

Humans are an independent, diverse, interactive, co-creative, and constantly changing force wherein change by one impacts the many.  Again, simply put, you are not only composed of matter… you actually matter.

Our world is a compilation of energetic patterns.  Patterns, by definition, repeat themselves.  So, if you use your life force, or energy, in the same way over and over you are guaranteed to perpetuate whatever pattern you’re creating.  Only by changing something within the pattern will you change the result… or more accurately… will you create a new pattern.

Change, however, isn’t something you want to react to.  Change is something you want to be.  When you are forced to react to change, the change has already occurred.  Once that happens you find yourself in the unenviable position of playing “catch up” to Life’s circumstances.  However, if you are the change you actually want to occur, you become the agent of change rather than the object of change.

So, take a look around your life.  How’s it going?  Do you feel empowered or disempowered?  Are you feeling at the mercy of events or as the force behind the conception and inception of events?  Are you resisting change or initiating it?

These times are truly revolutionary.  “Revolution,” as with any word, is only as powerful as the meaning we give to it.  The word revolution has several words hidden within it if you creatively rearrange its letters around to form new words.  (I often do this as a kind of mental gymnastics but also as an insightful guide into hidden meanings).  What I found in “revolution” are the following sets of words:

     1.  Vile revolt; to lure into evil; to lie; to rile; to rule.

     2.  To toil into the root to true love.

Let’s explore them one at a time using the above words.

     1.  Revolution can manifest as a vile revolt whose few proponents will lie and purposefully rile others in order to lure them to an evil end resulting in oppressive and manipulative rule over the subjugated majority.

     2.  Revolution can be a person or group willing to toil ceaselessly and diligently to unearth fundamental truths by getting to the root of existence… which is light energy emanating as true love.

I think we’re in a revolution of the second kind.  At least that’s the revolution I’ve signed up for and since we’re a complex adaptive system… therefore I matter… how I am, think and behave during the revolution matters. You see, I’m an agent of change. 

How about you?

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Nancy Pelosi’s Myopia

Today I watched Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, on ABC News “This Week. ”  What was obvious to me as I listened and watched were the severe limitations she is constrained by due to the disease from which she suffers: Myopia.

Myopia is defined as “A visual defect in which distant objects appear blurred because their images are focused in front of the retina rather than on it; nearsightedness. Also called short sight. 2. Lack of discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning”

While I am not a physician, I feel confident in the diagnosis.

It is so inconceivable that a public official can, in this volatile and increasingly transparent environment, fail to see the absurdity of continuing to dodge substantive and meaningful questions while reiterating an old, worn out and deceitful message.

The Speaker, limited to an old way of thinking and behaving due to the advanced stages of her disease, not only cannot see the future, she can’t even see the present.  She is still blaming the prior administration for the economy, refusing to condemn unethical behavior of her colleagues, and dodging hard questions about mission and intention in foreign policy.  More disturbing, she is in denial or flat out lying about having no concern for her party losing control of Congress in the November mid-term elections.

Perhaps the Speaker should consider recent developments in treating and curing Myopia. 

Those of us moving through the Ascension process and the simultaneous expanding consciousness of the planet have published the short and long-term benefits of a cure identified as “Adaptability and Truthfulness.”

Generally, we are experiencing challenges of “first impression”… meaning we have never faced them before.  Mainly this is the result of global connectivity due to technological advances.  The resulting transparency, and particularly the speed of that transparency, is making it more and more difficult to sustain deceit. 

Those, like the Speaker, who are unable to see beyond the past and adapt to the realities of the present are not only myopic they are terminal. 

Change and transparency as campaign slogans are a far cry from walking your talk.

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