Carole spoke to our group on The Power of Ethics: Improving Your Relationships. She brings humor and wisdom to an abstract topic and discusses it in down-to-earth, everyday terms illustrated with powerful and poignant stories and myths. Her humanity, sincerity, and empathy were very evident.

Ted Levy, Internet Consultant and member Rotary Club of Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Carole truly gave our members food for business thought. We all need a meaningful way to sift through our personal and professional experiences. Carole gave our members that path.

Kate Vail, President Philadelphia Professional Women’s Alliance National Association of Female Executives (NAFE)

It is necessary in today’s environment to be reminded of the importance of being ethical. Carole delivers the message in such a way that she’s effective, but not didactic. Her gift is that she was able to reach both the student and the senior executive with her presentation.

Pat Basile, President Institute of Management Accountants Raritan Valley Chapter

All of us at AWIS-CJC really enjoyed Carole’s presentation on how to maintain healthy relationships.. and the “Ethics-To-Go Method” she taught gave us a unique ‘inside tip’ that can be used to enhance our daily lives.

Min Xu, Ph.D. Applications Consultant – Expression GE Healthcare

Carole Goldstein’s presentation titled “Aligning Yourself with the Mission” was truly inspiring and thought provoking. Carole related her philosophies to real-life experiences in a manner that left our management team reflecting upon professional and personal goals and eager to apply her wisdom to their respective faculties. A highly recommended experience!

Blake Ulrich, Director of Marketing, Kiddie Academy

Carole is a one in a million experience. Her teachings are profound and her delivery compelling. Whether as speaker, mentor, guide, philosopher, or ethicist, she brings passion to them all. What an inspiration!

Hilary Green, Snap Love & The Irvin Green Family Foundation

I met Carole through a seminar that she was teaching, Change Without Fear. It completely changed my life. After i saw the seminar, I was so impressed with Carole I hired her as a life and career coach to get me through where I needed to be because I wanted to change for over five years.

My life has changed today. It’s never been better. I highly recommend Carole Goldstein.

Debbie Majer, Cambridge Industries



We were young and my husband died suddenly. I was devastated and distraught but had to deal with having to manage his partnership interest in his company. Carole’s guidance and counseling kept me grounded, feeling safe and in my power. She gave me the strength to move forward, to “get out of the stuck muck.” Without her motivation and inspiration I really don’t know how I would have created a brand new life, and that’s pretty huge.

Debbie Rosenzweig, San Diego, CA

Working with Carole gave me courage and confidence to be true to myself. She helped learn how to face my fears and solve my problems while integrating the old with the new. She taught me how to live in the moment. I think could have spent 30 years in therapy and still not accomplished what I have. Thanks to Carole now, when I’m afraid, I ask myself a simple question with a smile: Am I facing something life threatening or is it just an inconvenience?

Dr. Marlene Kenion, Philadelphia, PA

It recently lost my mother and as if that wasn’t enough, had to make a decision about whether or not to leave my job and go back to a former employer who had contacted me. Carole’s intuitive guidance gave me the extra push I needed to make the decision and I took the offer. Immediately I began to doubt myself and wonder if I had made a mistake. But after coaching with Carole, she “talked me off the ledge” and immediately thereafter, the next day, actually, things were much improved at work and I found my footing once again. Carole’s the best at inspiration and motivation!

Arlene Steinberg, Philadelphia, PA

A life-altering experience. She’s the smartest person I know. I get off the phone every time and say “Thank God for Carole.” She eliminates fear, pure and simple. Any time I ever got stuck or wasn’t sure or got afraid she made it go away.

Hilary Green, Philadelphia, PA