What Anthony Weiner Says About You

In case you were in a coma last year or on safari, Anthony Weiner is the former New York Congressman, sans conscience, who “sexted” young women photos of his private parts. Further, he lied to the American people claiming he had not done so and that his Twitter account was hacked. Ultimately he admitted the error of his ways, including but not limited to his lying, and resigned. In his spare time, Weiner also partook of a lie-based smear campaign against talk-radio host Glenn Beck and one of Beck’s sponsors, Goldline. But I digress.

Age of StupidFast forward and Weiner has thrown his hat into the ring once again as he tests the poll numbers in a bid for the Democratic nomination to run for….wait for it…Mayor of New York, To quote Hollywood, “Only in America.”

But this isn’t about Anthony Weiner. He’s just the reference point. It’s about you and me.

Whether you are religious and believe that we define ourselves by exercising our Free Will and making choices between good and evil, consider yourself part of the metaphysical movement and believe that we create our reality with our intentional thoughts, or are an atheist who thinks you’re bound by a personally defined moral code, choosing to put a despicable, lying, sex addict back into public office would be a pretty damning indication of just how unconscious and lacking in ethics the people of New York are.

Currently, Weiner is running a tight second in the polls. However, New York is merely the microcosm. The rest of the country can take no pleasure in casting the first stone. Step back just a tad and look at the last two Presidential elections. First, we elected a man with no experience. Then, when he did nothing in his entire term to either warrant praise or benefit the nation, we re-elected him rather than a man with proven successes and impeccable character…and look where we are.

Like it or not, we define ourselves by our choices and to a great extent, create the world we live in by those same choices. If you and I are unhappy with the present state of that world, then we better wake-up, take personal responsibility for our choices and stop kidding ourselves that it all happens by chance or outside of our control

If the Democrat Party runs Anthony Weiner as its Mayoral candidate, and New Yorkers elect Anthony Weiner as their Mayor, then they are either irreversibly ignorant or irretrievably unconscious. In either case, they will be damned by their choice.

Make no mistake. We always get to choose and by so doing, define ourselves.

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2 Responses to “What Anthony Weiner Says About You”

  • Brandon:

    Anthony Weiner may have been a lousy congressman, a bad husband, and pretty much a classless human being, but he sure was right about Goldline. They are ripping off their customers and Glenn Beck is doing his audience a huge disservice by endorsing that company.

    • carole:

      There are many sources for purchasing physical gold. Goldline is just one of them. Its up to us as consumers to do our own homework on the company we select.

      Weiner’s attack was part of an overall boycott strategy employed by the Left at the time to discredit Beck and attempt to hurt him financially. Your honest acknowledgement of Weiner’s character flaws is sufficient, for me at least, to conclude that while Goldline may charge more premium per ounce than other Seller’s that doesn’t equate or even come close to the level of deceit, hubris and moral depravity exhibited by Weiner. Beck is in business to make a profit as is Goldline. If you or I can find the same product at less cost then that’s what we should do. No need to fault Beck or Goldline for succeeding at obtaining their market share. Its a free market. Let’s hope it stays that way.