Murder Philly Style

I like to think I know history in spite of what I was taught in public school and private universities. That’s because I have an inquisitive nature and love to read. Which is why I know who Margaret Sanger was and what she espoused. So it comes as no surprise, although no less revulsion, that the CEO of Planned Parenthood for Southeast Pennsylvania admitted this week that her organization knew of the atrocities and murder taking place at Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s West Philadelphia abortion house of horrors and did nothing about it.

Planned ParenthoodYou see, Ms. Steinberg was being a good foot soldier in the army Sanger founded to control reproduction of minorities (read as African Americans) and undesirables (read as anyone deemed of insufficient-value-production-capability to enrich society). Sanger was a eugenicist. So was Adolph Hitler. Not hyperbole…just an apt reference point. Sanger would have done away with anyone she and other like-minded elitists believed to be a burden to society or a poor cost-benefit risk. Like-minded thinking can be found in The Affordable Care Act (read as Obamacare).

Many years ago I started out as a Liberal Democrat. I was raised in a house, a religion and a community that pretty much all gravitated in that direction. It has only been through actual life experience and the slow demise of this great Nation that I have come to not only adamantly espouse and defend most Conservative, even Libertarian, values but also abhor the hypocrisy of the political Left.

Liberals and Leftists are no more hypocritical than on the issue of abortion. While thinking and marketing themselves as compassionate advocates of the downtrodden and needy, they time and time again act as did Dayle Steinberg when she knowingly turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the slaughter of truly innocent human life.

Why? It’s simple, really.

Dayle Steinberg carried out the mission statement of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and what she herself believes with integrity and perfection. Do whatever it takes regardless of however barbaric the manner to eliminate those who a select few, filled with hubris and self-aggrandizement, deem unworthy of life.

I find Margaret Sanger and what she stood for to be, posthumously, despicable. I find Planned Parenthood to be an organization dedicated to murder. And I find Dayle Steinberg a shameless human being who lacks anything resembling a conscience.

She’ll probably get promoted.

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