Citizen Alert: Boston Terror Attack and The Saudi National

I generally do not act as a breaking news blog. However, some things demand attention by nature of their content.

LiesThe Saudi National hospitalized following the Boston terror attack, who was at first was considered a suspect, then a person of interest, and finally merely a witness, is being deported next week. His visa has been revoked. The reasons for his deportation, as stated in his deportation file, are “acts of terrorism” or suspected involvement in possible “terrorist activities.” He is a member of a prominent Saudi Arabian family.

Co-incidentally, if you believe in such things and don’t see patterns, President Obama met with the Saudi Foreign Ambassador yesterday at the White House. The meeting was designated as a “walk by” which is the term used for meetings that are not on the White House schedule and for which the President wants no responsibility. It is set up to look like a chance meeting with someone who “happens to be” in the White House when the President “happens to walk by” and so gets to exchange conversation.

All of the above is directly from the Saudi National’s deportation file verified by credible third party sources who have read the file. However, as of yesterday, the file has been partially classified by the National Target Center. What was classified is the reason behind the deportation. As of today, the deportation order may also be classified, making obtaining this information only possible by a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Saudi National is allegedly going home because he is ill and wants to be home. In fact, he was hospitalized after the attack with burns, possibly connected to  the materials used in the terror attack. There is a photo released which might verify this conjecture.

The FBI has photos of two additional persons of interest. Those photos to be released today. There may be a connection between the Saudi National being deported and these two additional males.

It is likely the Saudi National is being sent home to spare embarrassment to our government, strain with the powerful Saudi family, and damage to the U.S. government – Saudi Arabian financial relationship.

I ask that you stay with this story.  I ask that you not allow yourself to be misled and manipulated. I ask that you take back the power that you have given others over your birthright to be free.

ALERT: As I write this blog, there is apparently breaking news that now the government may not deport this individual. If this is true, it is solely the result of The Blaze which broke this story about 1.5 hours ago.

The truth is powerful and CAN make a difference. Make sure you are on the right side of what can only be described as a war for the control of human consciousness.

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