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The Relationship Gap Survey

A Couple's Questionnaire

The Relationship Gap Survey© is a simple and easy-to-take questionnaire designed for those in a committed relationship or intending to make a long-term commitment in marriage.

The Relationship Gap Survey© identifies and evaluates the "gaps" in your relationship by zeroing in on where and how those differences occur. Then "gap mediation" helps you co-create a way to close the gaps to minimize, and often prevent, future conflict.

The Relationship Gap Survey Couple

Why Do We Need This?

We are all unique. Even in love, you have preferences and priorities that differ from the ones held by the person you love. Some of these preferences are obvious...while others often remain unnoticed or hidden until some specific aspect of your relationship that has not been previously tested shows up.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Everything from finances, child rearing, intimacy, extended family relationships to vacation preferences and much more can be the trigger that causes conflict. Once conflict occurs, couples too often avoid resolution which only leads to a downward spiral and distancing between you and your partner.

How Did It Originate?

Carole Goldstein is a trained mediator, arbitrator, former Family Law attorney and spiritual Intuitive who brings her vast professional and personal experience to supporting couples in maintaining healthy, co-creative relationships by highlighting commonalities and mediating differences. It is Carole's vast experience that led her to design the Relationship Gap Survey© to assist couples in avoiding unnecessary conflict.

How Does It Work?

The Survey is a download that you and your partner answer separately at your own pace. There are questions that cover every aspect of a long term relationship where differences can occur. It is very specific and detailed in scope. Once completed, you return the survey by email for scoring, evaluation and a customized Relationship Gap Findings Report. You then have the option to mediate the gaps with Carole either in person, by phone or Zoom meeting, especially as we get through COVID-19. You can also choose to have any trained mediator or counselor mediate the gaps with you and your partner that are identified in your Relationship Gap Findings Report.

What Will It Do For Us?

It isn't lack of love or desire that damages most relationships. It's not knowing where and how to identify the real basis of conflict and, once identified, how to find middle ground. Save yourself stress and countless hours in couples, communication or marriage counseling by taking the Relationship Gap Survey©.

Be proactive not reactive.

Keep the honeymoon alive.


The Relationship Gap Survey

Preview the Relationship Gap Survey


Relationship Gap Survey with Survey Findings Report and Recommendations


Relationship Gap Survey, Survey Findings Report and (3) 2-hour Gap Mediation Sessions


Couple’s Gap Sessions are at the reduced mediation rate of $200 per hour.

The Relationship Gap Survey

Preview the Relationship Gap Survey

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