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Corruption and You

Two phrases frequently repeated on the spiritual path are “the ascension process” and “paradigm shift.”  Often repeated… but not often understood. 

The ascension process refers to a period when the consciousness of a Soul, or many Souls, is elevated to new and expanded realms of understanding and possibility.

A paradigm shift is movement out of, and beyond, one framework of reality into another.

We are currently in the middle of both the ascension process and a paradigm shift.  Therefore, there are four qualities and characteristics that apply and that we can count on during such a transition. 

Infusion of Light

Light is energy.  Light illuminates.  Light obliterates darkness.  Light is intelligence.  Where the Light goes, obscurity is revealed.  “Darkness” in the context of spirituality is manifested as deceit, greed, arrogance, misuse of power, and oppression… among others. 

With the infusion of spiritual Light during the ascension process all that does not support higher consciousness is revealed.

No more secrets

General McChrystalBP … open microphones for Joe Biden and Carly Fiorina …  Bernie Madoff … Obama appointee and jobs czar Van Jones having co-founded  the militant and revolutionary organization STORM… brothers John and Tony Podesta : John, CEO of the Center for American Progress advising President Obama on off-shore drilling in the Gulf and brother Tony, lobbyist for B.P. (can anyone say “conflict”?)…and the list goes on and on. 

So why are so many things surfacing that clearly were supposed to be kept secret?

It’s because during the ascension process there are no more secrets. 

Personal responsibility

Being unconscious is a little like being a child. Someone else needs to take responsibility for your actions.  Not so when we’re spiritually conscious and awake.  Now is the time to own that our every thought and action determines, in a literal sense, the reality in which we live, the quality of our relationships, as well as the world we are bequeathing the next generation.

Duty to question

Being responsible means questioning the status quo.  It’s no longer productive to be part of a “herd” mentality… to go along to get along.  Courageous inquiry is the watchword of the new paradigm into which we are moving.  

So why write about corruption and you?

Because it’s up to us now.

A good friend recently expressed being overwhelmed by it all and his feeling that, other than the ballot, we individuals are helpless in the face of so much obvious governmental and political corruption.  I would tell him this.

Things are probably no more corrupt today than they have been for a very long time.  What has changed is 1) access to the information; 2) the speed of dissemination of that information and, 3) the paradigm shift.  For just as the new paradigm has no room for that which is not in the highest good, so too does it require that each of us, on a daily basis, demand the highest integrity from ourselves and never fail to speak truth…your truth… to power.

I’m optimistic.  Change, while scary, is always for the good.  It just takes us awhile to gain the distance, and corresponding perspective, needed to be certain of this fact.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting, be the Light.

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Political Woes: The Crux of the Matter

I can think of no better example of the cause of the economic (and political) turmoil we are presently enmeshed in than the recently passed health care law.  It is a misguided plan destined to fail… and no one knew this better than the Framers of the Constitution.  They advocated decentralization, as in states’ rights, as opposed to a centralized authority, as in the federal government, because they intuitively knew a basic premise of complexity theory:

The more complex an organization(company, society, government etc.) the less able a centralized administering individual or body is able to know occurrences,and direct remedies, regarding aspects of that organization that are located literally miles, and figurative light years, from the centralized authority. 

The very nature of complexity theory is that in order to discern the changes and shifts that directly affect the whole, it is necessary to determine, as close as possible to the occurrence of change, those actions or events that are impacting overall functioning.

In plain English, and one word, decentralization.

Applied to the political reality of 50 individual entities, each with their own economies and societal preferences, it amounts to states’ rights… not central planning by a federal bureaucracy.  It’s why the Framers were careful and adamant that the powers of the federal government to be limited to preserving, protecting and defending the states.  These enlightened men (as well as the women who,I am certain, played a vital although unrecognized role) were able to anticipate the growth of the nation and the impossibility of governing it from “central command” so to speak.

But that’s exactly what this Administration is doing. In every aspect of our lives… from the auto industry to Wall Street to health care to the oil spill…the means is a centralized authority making decisions about and on behalf of the collective.At best, the policy and approach is misguided.  At worst, it’s sinister… if not in intent then, surely, in its result.

I can give those in power the benefit of the doubt and say what is in their hearts and minds is the highest good for all concerned.  

How does that saying go?  Oh, yes…“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

So, now that we’ve identified the source of the problem, what do we do about it?

Here’s a 5-step plan.

1.       Pray that the hearts and minds of those in power be turned toward what is consistent with freedom and the core principle of individual rights upon which this nation was founded.

2.       Speak up for what you know to be true in your heart and fear not the outcome of being the voice of reason.

3.       Hold fast to faith in the highest good for all concerned… which is different than thinking for and acting by and on behalf of “the collective.”  The highest good for all concerned is the individual’s right to express her or his creativity and intelligence in any way they please, absent harm, and to participate in a free market that bases success or failure on the merit of that effort.

4.       Do not compromise what you expect of yourself or others in order to maintain a status quo.  Be unwavering around ethical and moral behavior and demand a level of adherence by public officials or quickly remove them from office.

5.       Draw upon your own connection to a Source that maintains infinite possibility and boundless creativity in manifesting miracles through the unimaginable acts of goodness and courage.

I never said it was a perfect plan… but unless you’ve already got one… its a plan.

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Kick Ass Hope and Change

I am not at all disappointed with President Obama’s style, or priorities, in governing thus far.  I did not vote for candidate Obama because I thought, or more accurately felt, something disingenuous and dangerously egotistical about him.

And so I think the country bought exactly what was being sold… if not exactly what it actually wanted.
Now, under mounting pressure for his detachment, non-performance and delay, our President is looking to “kick ass” rather than lead.  He is unconcerned with fulfilling the job of leadership for which he was elected (and for which he campaigned) while allowing the judicial process to work as designed to determine negligence and fault, if any, and corresponding liability. The President apparently believes he is judge, jury and executioner.

The problem with his approach is that it is un-American and, more importantly, dangerous.

Our current challenges…economic, societal and global…are not akin to those of a misguided adolescent needing his or her parent to extricate them from the unintended outcome of poor choices.  We are a nation of individuals founded, and grounded, in both freedom of thought and enterprise…going through a period of transition.  What we need is leadership to mirror strength and compassion as we move through new and uncharted territory fraught with pitfalls.

What we definitely DO NOT NEED is an elitist, egotistical ideologue with a specific agenda whose personal mission is to impose the will of a few upon the many.

We are, and always have been, a nation of differences.  It is strength tempered by compassion that creates an environment that fosters the peaceful co-existence of diversity.  Its why the heart chakra (center of compassion)  is located above the solar plexus chakra (center of power).  We are meant to temper strength with compassion

We are not meant to “kick ass.”

Its a reasoned guess that this President and I differ on considerably more than we agree upon.  However, I would hope that we agree on this.  The most successful and enduring experiment on Earth in individuality and personal liberty is the United States of America.

The answers to its current challenges will be found in our individual and collective histories, our ingenuity and our continued reverence for personal responsibility. 

The answers will definitely not be found in the failed efforts of undemocratic nations who have repeatedly and unsuccessfully used force, combined with a diminution of personal liberty and personal responsibility, to force upon its citizens an unsustainable political and economic construct.

There’s a lot of talk these days from this Administration and its supporters about “unsustainability.”  I would  suggest that there is nothing more unsustainable, or more unproductive, than a kick ass mentality.

Strength with compassion. Now there’s a winning combo.

And a better campaign slogan.

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