mediation servicesA former divorce lawyer and trained Mediator, Carole is well qualified to provide divorce mediation. Further, she has a real passion for assisting couples who want to move beyond reoccurring differences and discord in order that their relationship can continue to grow and deepen. Her extensive experience in divorce law allowed her to see the common, and often times reoccurring, threads that entangle so many couples. It is that insight that has led her to now focus upon supporting couples in disentangling those threads.

Through a technique specifically crafted for couple’s mediation, combined with the unique Relationship Gap Survey©, Carole is able to help couples not only quickly identify where those gaps are in their relationship, but also how to effectively deal with them so that when they re-occur discord is easily diffused and no longer has the power to ignite sustained or further conflict.

The variety and diversity of perspectives and opinions we all bring to the table are not evidence of irreconcilable differences. They are evidence of the unique ways in which each of us moves through the same experience and reacts to it.  The key is learning to identify your own motivations while at the same time respecting those which differ…and finding the ever-present common ground.

Carole’s gift is in teaching others how to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” and to how co-create with others who have different but equally valid views of our dynamic relationships and ever-changing world.
Don’t get lost in the gap. Mediate it!