carole goldstein

Inspirational Speaker

Carole Goldstein is a dynamic and spiritually based speaker who is driven by a passion to provide guidance and encouragement during periods of professional and personal change. Her fearlessness in facing challenges head-on is contagious, inspiring and uplifting. She understands the importance of the principles of personal responsibility and adaptability within the larger context of our connection to one another.

Engaging and empowering, Carole always brings the highest message for all concerned and leaves her client and audiences with renewed determination to be the best they can be as she speaks about fear, change, ethics, mission, purpose, intuition, stress management, and relationships.

Guide and Mediator

A trained mediator, arbitrator and lawyer who practiced Matrimonial Law for 13 years, Carole has chosen to apply her gifts to helping people, and couples in particular, mediate change. Reality is as we perceive it to be. As our perceptions transition through these remarkable times, it’s possible to perceive, alternately, through the prisms of both the old paradigm and the new one. A potentially confusing and stressful experience, Carole acts as your knowledgeable guide and mediator though new territory to help you iron out the conflicts that naturally arise between the patterns of the past and your present moment intentions.

Intuitive, Healer & Spiritual Coach

Since childhood, Carole has been gifted with intuitive insights and prescience. Although skeptical and confused by early experiences, Carole went on to mentor with spiritualist and clairvoyant Ruth Green, who brought understanding and purpose to these gifts. Since that time, Carole has spent decades professionally guiding others and helping them access their own internal guidance. Whether through individual sessions or group presentations, Carole supports others in knowing that the most profound and reliable information for living life is found within. Carole was also gifted with the ability to practice energy medicine. Through the technique she has named “Heart Focused Healing” Carole reintroduces harmony and, therefore, healing into the body where discordant and dis-eased energies are impeding maximum health.

Talk Radio Host

Over a decade ago, Carole anticipated the shift in consciousness and the need to move away from fear-based thinking and reporting of events. Starting in 2000-01 she hosted “Higher Ground” on WCOJ-1420 AM in Pennsylvania, bringing her positive and inspirational perspective to personal, local, national and international issues.

Carole hosted “The Gold Standard” on WWDB-860AM in Philadelphia where she reported on the news while drawing out the positive take-away from every story or issue. She also hosted “An Hour of Gold” on BlogTalkRadio which was first broadcast on WNJC 1360AM in New Jersey.

Author & Blogger

Carole’s most recent book, “The Questions God Will Ask: Prepping for the Final Exam” is a practica and inspirational work in how to live consistent with your highest good.  Mental Health, Mental Illness and Hope: Observations, Insights and Solutions is a compilation of her essays on self-esteem, depression, and attempted suicide.  She co-blogs with Steve Clark at Above The Fray Podcast. Until August 2015, Gold Post It was Carole’s inspirational blog where, for over four years, she followed world events and shared personal experiences in order to uncover the highest message for all concerned. “The Lightworker’s Handbook: A Spiritual Guide to Eliminating Fear”, Carole’s guidebook for awakened souls moving through the paradigm shift. The book also includes an “English to Spirit” dictionary providing new language for a new paradigm. Her children’s book, Kali Journey, delves into loss of a loved one as well as trusting in Universal guidance and goodness. Carole and co-author Steven Clark, published “Money: How To See It, Get It and Keep It” available as a Kindle book.

Carole authored, co-produced, and nationally marketed her unique seminar available on DVD titled “Navigating Divorce”.


Carole received her B.A. in Sociology from Villanova University and Juris Doctor from Widener School of Law in Delaware. She taught at Villanova University as an Adjunct Professor. Carole practiced Matrimonial Law for thirteen years and is a trained Mediator. She lives in Waco, Texas and has a 27-year-old daughter who formerly served as a voluntary combat Search and Rescue Commander in the Israeli Defense Forces.