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Carole has spent over a 15 years in radio and podcasting. She formerly hosted The Gold Standard, talk radio on WWDB 860AM in Philadelphia and An Hour of Inspirational Gold on BlogTalkRadio. Until 2016, she co-hosted a podcast with Steven Clark, called “Above the Fray” and their blog can still be read here. Carole’s mission was and is to highlight the most important news stories while providing unique commentary and a spiritual perspective that both uplifts and inspires.

No matter what the topic or breaking news, Carole showed you how to think for yourself and take personal responsibility for your future. Her no-nonsense spiritual yet practical approach to personal problem solving, as well as global challenges, positively affects lives. Its left-brain logic enhanced by right-brain intuition!



Above the Fray

From the practical to the Divine, Carole Goldstein & Steve Clark bring you news from around the world with insights into solutions both personal and global.

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An Hour of Inspirational Gold

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Excerpts from Carole’s Radio Shows

Below are episodes from Carole’s former talk radio show in New Jersey.

June 14, 2011


June 7, 2011


May 24, 2011


May 10, 2011


April 26, 2011


April 12, 2011


April 5, 2011


March 29, 2011