Glenn Beck Meets Ayn Rand and Gandhi

Politics aside, I admire Glenn Beck for his unabashed courage in speaking truth to power.  At least his truth.  Which is all anyone can be certain of.

And that’s the point.

What Beck is standing for is your right to think, speak and act upon the truth as you know it.  He’s doing it  peacefully… but not without power of his own.  Not force, but power.  And while he can’t do it for you, he can do it for himself… thereby acting as both example and guiding light for how its done.

Sure, you can say “easy for him” he’s got a platform, a microphone and sponsors.  However, each of us has a calling and is similarly provided the means to get there if only we have the courage to embark upon the journey.

Which got me to thinking about Ayn Rand and Mahatma Gandhi.

I’ve always been fascinated by Ayn Rand’s writings and her fierce advocacy on behalf of individualism as opposed to collectivism.  You know, Capitalism and individualism trumping Marxism, Communism and Fascism.  Yet, despite my dedication to re-reading Atlas Shrugged every decade or so, I’ve been uncomfortable with her obvious disbelief in a power greater than man or woman.  To be specific, a lack of God in her philosophy.

I’ve had a similar fascination, and respect, for Mahatma Gandhi.  He peacefully turned away a world power  by bringing to the political arena a deeply held spiritual belief in the dignity of humankind tied to a responsibility for the well being of one another.

I thought if I could snap my fingers, I’d merge Rand and Gandhi and come up with a compassionate political solution to the world’s problems.  You know, kind of “Hope and Change.”

So I snapped those fingers… and here’s what I came up with.

There is a spiritual concept called Oneness.  It is an eternal concept founded in the connectedness of everyone and everything that ever was or will be created.  Socialism, Progressivism, Marxism, Communism, Fascism are all political perversions of that spiritual concept.  What Oneness accomplishes naturally through an understanding of how Spirit works and, consequently, our relationship to all things living… those political systems try to artificially impose through intimidation and redistribution of wealth.

Any Rand almost had it right… but for her resistance to the spiritual world, which leaves her characters unforgiving, ungrateful and sometimes even cruel.  Such is humankind absent Spirit.

Gandhi had it right… but enough of the world had not yet reached the tipping point necessary to be able to hold onto his accomplishment.

Which is why I admire Glenn Beck.

He knows with certainty what Ayn Rand knew… which is the value of a fully conscious human mind.  He also knows with certainty what Gandhi knew as well.  That we are all born of Creator and our success is tied to understanding how that makes us all connected.

What Glenn Beck is standing for is why this Administration must not prevail.  To try and artificially impose, through force, intimidation and redistribution of wealth, that which has been Divinely seeded within the hearts and minds of All existence is to try to defy Universal Law and usurp the right of every human being to reach that realization in their own way and in their own time.

Its called Divine Time.

Hope and Change are qualities inherent in Creation placed there by Creator. They are neither to be toyed nor tampered with… and they most certainly are not a bumper sticker.


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