Going Out From Slavery: The Story of Now

I’m always fascinated, awed actually, by synchronicity…the  simultaneous or corresponding occurrence of seemingly unrelated events that turn out to be profoundly related after all.   I’d like to share one.

This week I read “Cosmos of the Soul” by Patricia Cori.  Its a “channeled” book about the future of the Earth and all life living on the planet.  In it, Ms. Cori speaks about the “Earth’s (or Gaia’s) Desert Period” as a challenging transitional period we are about to live through.  What that looks like is not well-defined, although how we should prepare for it and what our roles in it will be, is.

This morning, I was listening to a radio interview with Bruce Feiler, author of “America’s Prophet.”   Apparently, the book is an historical look at the teachings from the story of Moses and how they parallel with the story of the Pilgrims who colonized America.

And it hit me.

In an instant I understood what Particia Cori’s channeled message was about.

As the Israelites went out from slavery and bondage to Egypt…as the Pilgrims went out from the slavery and bondage to a King… so are We about to go out from slavery and bondage to a government no longer in service to its people and our own addiction to raping the planet for personal satisfaction and gain.

The one thing that all three situations have in common is materialism.  The Egyptian consciousness, and the Israelites in service to it, were obsessed with gratifying every earthly pleasure and glorifying the human ego.  King George III of England and the aristocracy were obsessed with the same pleasures and goals at the expense of the dignity and freedom of those they governed. 

And here we are.  2009.

We have a government and ruling class comprised of financiers and other elitists who have long since stopped caring about personal liberty or the Will of the People but who, instead, are enthroned in a power structure that for hundreds of years has exploited, sedated and enslaved the general  population while maintaining that power base through fear and intimidation.

We, as citizens, are never without personal responsibility.  As did the Israelites and Pilgrims before us, we allowed the conditions of sedation and enslavement to entrap us in exchange for creature comforts.  The problem is that materialism is always a slippery slope and, inevitably, “more is never enough.”  We have been complicit in our own entrapment by our silence, compliance and greed.  We have injured the planet, and its other life forms, by our disregard and disrespect for their parts in this glorious experiment called Life on Earth.

Now we are about to make our own journey across the desert.  In reality, I do not know what the terrain will look like or precisely what obstacles we’ll find along the way.  But as the Israelites crossed their desert and the Pilgrims crossed their sea in order to go out from bondage and find their way to “higher ground”… so must we.

Growth is never easy or comfortable.  It can be life threatening.  But the alternative is no life at all.  I, personally, would rather risk mine for the opportunity to grow than to capitulate by default to something other than a fully conscious existence.

As we set out through “Earth’s Desert Period” let us learn from those who have gone before us on similar journeys:

With faith comes protection. 

United we stand. 

The Promised Land is no better than the effort we make to get there and the energy we invest in keeping it sacred.

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