Wanda Baucus: No More Secrets

The recent news about Senator Max Baucus and his behavior with a former staffer has an interesting undercurrent to it.  While on its surface the news seems to be about yet another unfaithful member of Congress who, at the very least, improperly used public monies to fund a romantic trip to Asia with a former staff member turned current live-in lover…there is a broader and more important story within the story.

Wanda Baucus, the Senator’s former wife, is speaking out on the subject and its not her first foray into the subject. 

The subject I’m referring to is the effect that the dominance of men in positions of power in Washington has had on women and, inevitably, on the country.  Both their presence in such positions as well as their complicity in failing to hold one another accountable for immoral and, at times, criminally actionable behavior. 

Now if this were the 60’s or 70’s, you’d likely think “Here we go. Another feminist male-bashing tirade.”  But its not.  We’re closing in on 2010 and both the means and the goal are of a higher order.

Wanda Baucus, a former outspoken supporter of Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, has recently said that ” If the women I know in Washington in the Senate talked and said all
the things they know, this government would — I mean talk about the
revolution… this place would be turned upside down.”

She’s t alking about sexual harassment and more.

Sadly, we have become so accustomed and hardened to such revelations that when they occur we are no longer shocked.  It takes the fall of a seeming paragon of accomplishment and morality such as Tiger Woods to even phase us anymore…and even then only for a week or so.  Thereafter, we go back to business as usual.

But here’s the thing.

The country is broke. The government keeps spending money we do not have.  Millions are unemployed.  No one trusts the politicians… a state of being they’ve justifiably earned, I might add.   

I’d focus on the excesses but I think it more important to focus on the deficiency. 

The Divine Feminine has been too long absent.  

By the D ivine Feminine I do not mean feminists.  I don’t refer necessarily to women exclusively.  However,
for the most part, what has been absent and what is now being resurrected will come forth mostly by and through women. 

What I am referring to is
the resurrection of that aspect of Creator’s energy that balances out the qualities and characteristics inherent in male energy. 

Male energy, in its natural state, is positive and expansive.  Female energy, in its natural state, is negative and receptive.  Be careful that your mind doesn’t immediately attach worn out definitions to any of these words.  There is nothing inherently “good’ or “bad” about the words positive or negative.  Where we run amok is when they are out of balance in relationship to one another.  S uch imbalance results in chaos which lacks the ability to self-organize.  When in balance, we are a self-organizing species.  We will return to a state of being that is the highest good for all concerned.

Absent balance, we will go the way of the dinosaur.

Which beings us back to Wanda and Max Baucus.

I know nothing about either of these people personally.  What I do know is that Max Baucus is symptomatic of a diseased and dying concentration of perverse power run amok.  Wanda Baucus is symptomatic of the emerging Divine Feminine that will, by its very presence and design, bring the human race back into the necessary balance to sustain physical life, expanded consciousness and spiritual growth.

Often following a long journey in the darkness, an emergence into the light can momentarily seem blinding.  Remember, its just momentary. Our future is here and its bright.  Just be patient and allow yourself some time to adjust to the re-emergence of the brilliant Light of the Divine Feminine.

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