The World of Glenn Beck

A few nights ago I found myself with my 16 1/2 year old daughter, Zoe, seated at a Barnes and Noble waiting for Glenn Beck.  His latest book, “Arguing With Idiots” was recently released and this was an author’s book signing.  As Zoe and I ate a quick dinner nearby the bookstore, we pondered how many people would show up. 

Arriving an hour and a half early, we bought two copies of the book and were handed numbered wrist tags. Our numbers were 473 and 474.  By the time Mr. Beck arrived, there were 2000 people waiting to see him.

But not just any 2000 people. 

These were 2000 of the most polite and happy people I’ve every encountered in any one place at any one time.

Which is the first point I want to make.  No matter what misinformation the mainstream media likes to pump out, the people that are attracted to Glenn Beck and his message are not angry, right-wing revolutionary 9/12ers out to destroy all that is good in America.  In fact, these people appeared to be much of what is good about America. 

My second point is about the book itself.  I’ve read about 4 chapters. Its infuriating.  But please understand just what’s infuriating about it.  It’s the documented idiocy, incompetence and corruption of a government grown out of control and the propensity of entrenched ideological organizations to support it by advocating for policies, programs and structures that are destined to destroy all that is, in fact, good about America.

I live my life and form my opinions based upon my own personal experience.

It is my personal experience that Glenn Beck is a lightening rod for all different types of Americans who have had enough and simply aren’t going to take it anymore.  What form their opposition and resistance takes… only time will tell. 

But if Thursday night at Barnes and Noble is any indication, we (yes, I’m in) will come at this armed with knowledge, civility, and most importantly, certainty.  I doubt anyone in that crowd, or anyone else drawn in by Mr. Beck’s message, wants or intends to use any type of force to end the corrupt use of power and the politics of destruction that have become a way of life in our nation.

I said we don’t want or intend to use force.

If those in power, who have used and abused the public trust with which they were gifted, are unwilling to relinquish their death grip on the Republic… then civil disobedience will devolve into whatever is necessary. For I believe there is now no turning back.

Let us all pray that they go quietly into the night so that we, as a nation, will not someday have to paraphrase the words of Golda Meir to the Arab world:
         “We can forgive you for killing our sons.
          But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours.”

I continue to believe in the highest good for all concerned.  I believe it is not too late. I believe that transition is always difficult… and transformation always worth it. 

Now, let us turn away from empty bumper stickers and get on with the business of real change.


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