Marching in Style

It’s often said that teachers have an important job because the future sits in front of them for 6-7 hours every day.  If that’s true, then the most important job in the world is being a Mother because that job, just for starters, is 24/7 and no summers off. 

I know, because I am one. 

I was also a divorce lawyer for 13 years who wore a pager and had a cell phone so that I was available whenever my client’s needed me. I know what a demanding career with no down time asks, and takes, and I can say with unequivocal authority and experience….there is no comparison.

Now, we Mothers are not all great at what we do. We try hard, really hard. We make mistakes and, hopefully, at times learn from them.  We’re too often tired, under appreciated, don’t even get me started on pay, and are never quite sure if what we’re doing will help or hurt in the long run.

But its an incredible journey that has as its reward a sense of selflessness that’s hard to come by and a unique insight into what unconditional love looks and feels like.  Which is why we are often fiercely protective of our charge and its well being.

Which is also why we have to march on Washington.

We have a government, a President and a Congress, who are mortgaging the sovereignty, individuality and financial security of those for whom we are responsible: The children. 

We, and others, have tried to garner our President’s and our Representative’s attention to ask them to be more aware…more responsible…more committed to the consequences of decisions they have been too quick to make. Their response, if at all, has been long coming and woefully inadequate. 

Mothers must have patience but not in the face of disaster. There is a time and season for everything. The time for waiting is passed.  It is now the season for action. 

Every Mother who cares about the opportunities her child will have in the future to be a free citizen with the right to speak its mind without fear of reprisal and pursue its dreams without governmentally imposed limitations on how and where and to what extent those dreams can be followed… needs to put on her Bierkenstocks, Manolo Blahniks, Uggs, Nikes or, if necessary, arrive barefoot in Washington, D.C. to say, “With one voice we speak for the children and you will no longer put up for bargain sale their rights and inheritance.”

No one will deny what a Mother can do.

Think what a million of us will do.

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