Not Left. Not Right. Real Change.

I think anyone will agree that we are as polarized as any of us can recall in our lifetimes.  Polarization is not particularly helpful when going through profound times of transition and transformation.  After all, sayings like “United we stand…divided we fall” are founded, at some level, in Truth. At the same time, it might also be said that polarization is a direct by-product of transition itself.

So how do we deal with this seeming paradox?

I think its by recognizing that whenever change occurs, a natural state of tension and resistance is created as the parts of an organism, organization or society reorganizes and realigns itself.  As difficult as it may be to live through a realignment, it’s a necessary stage of growth.  Perhaps, the best way to transit a realignment (not to mention survive one!) is not by trying to hold on to the tail ends…thereby finding oneself whipped and flailed about in a constant frenzy…but to draw one’s energy into the center where the most stable condition possible exists.

So where’s the center?

It’s, literally, inside of you.

When remedies that previously worked and laws that once created order now seem, at best ineffective and at worst harmful, it is smart to retreat within and find solid ground amid the shifting external sands of reorganization.

This doesn’t mean you “drop out” in 60’s-hippie-type-fashion, but rather ask your own questions and find your own answers from a place within yourself.  It is futile during times of profound change to look outside yourself and seek solutions amid chaos. The best you can hope for in so doing is to be drawn into someone else’s perception of events, analysis and action.  The danger therein is that perception is time constrained. It is based upon one’s limited view at a finite point in time.

The principles that one needs to successfully traverse change are unchanging and beyond time. Since everything in the world you or anyone else can perceive is subject to change and time bound, your answers cannot possibly be found there.

If not without then within.

If you trust yourself to be able to source inner guidance and allow others the same opportunity without having to polarize their findings or your own, a core of stability can be created that will transcend and transform all that is in transition external to our true inner selves.

The paradox of unwanted but necessary polarization is thereby resolved.

As is all conflict.

Wouldn’t that be sweet.

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