No More Worries

        >It’s a good time to recall the old adage that goes something like this: “90% of what we worry about never happens.” With the sub-prime mortgage market having gone south, consumer prices rising, two ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with both China and Iran developing nuclear weapons, and a whole host of other challenges closer to home in our daily lives…well…I know I could use the reminder. How about you?
   But let’s take it one step further. Let’s move beyond not worrying because “things worried about are not likely to occur”…to the next step of actually thinking, instead, about good things that likely are.
   Why? Because thoughts are things and dwelling on them, combined with the power of emotion behind those thoughts, is a sure-fire way to manifest those thoughts into action.
   Now I know that to many of you this concept is all New Age Spiritual Feel Good Who Ha. Mainly because you’ve tried it without result. You’ve thought about something positive. Perhaps some “thing” you’ve wanted to acquire or some event you’d like to occur…yet to no avail. You never got the “thing” and the occurrence never happened. And so, you write it all off as so much nonsense.
    But what if you actually did get the “thing” or have the occurrence… just not in the time frame you anticipated. You see, we all think that positive thought means instant gratification. And perhaps at some highly advanced application of the principle, with clear intention and lasered focus, it does. But for us ordinary folk, two things tend to get in the way of the results we seek.
    The first is Time. We assume that when we focus on wanting something and it does not immediately show up, well then, we and it have failed. However it’s necessary to leave some “wiggle room” for Time to close the gap between where you are and where the thing or event may be at the moment you call it forth.
    The second thing is doubt. When you focus your thoughts on what you want and it doesn’t immediately show up, you doubt both your ability and the process, withdrawing the focused energy from your goal. This withdrawal of focus effectively cancels out your intention, guaranteeing disappointment.
    So when you think about it, what really gets in our way is Us. With a little knowledge and even less faith in what we know, we self-sabotage where it is we want to go and what it is we want to accomplish.
    Rather than worry about the unlikely, or short circuit the possible, how about if we just keep our eye on the ball. The ball is the best we are capable of and certainty that we know how to Be It.
    If we have a choice today, and we always do, let’s choose to let go of the fear and disaster scenario and instead focus on how to See and Be the best of humankind.
    Oh, yes. As you practice this approach, remember to get out of your own way.

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