Bye Bye Apathy

>    It’s a good day for justice. Mark Jensen, the Wisconsin husband convicted of poisoning his wife with anti-freeze then suffocating her to death was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and Bobby Cutts, Jr. the 30-year-old former Illinois police officer who killed his pregnant girlfriend was sentenced to life, as well, with the possibility of parole to be considered at age 60.
    The “lucky run” era of O.J. Simpson-like escapes from justice appears to be over. Which supports two of my basic beliefs: 1) there are no secrets and 2) the winds of profound change are in the air.
    Let’s look at these two beliefs a little more closely.
    There’s another story out today claiming that a report to the Pentagon by Marine technology expert Franz Gayl states that “casualties could have been reduced by half among Marines in Iraq if
specially armored vehicles had been deployed more quickly in some
cases.” Gayl found that if the mass procurement and fielding of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles had begun in 2005 in
response to the known and acknowledged threats at that time, as the
United States Marine Corp (USMC) is doing today, hundreds of deaths and injuries could have been
prevented.” What’s this got to do with “no secrets?” Well, apparently Gayl had previously made some pretty damning allegations around this very matter so the USMC gave him the opportunity, on government time, to prove his allegations. And apparently, that’s just what he’s done.
    Now combine this with the fact that David Walker, head of the Government Accounting Office since 1998 has resigned to become the head of a new $1 billion dollar private research firm. What is stunning about Walker’s resignation has been his very recent public appearances and statements regarding the “three sets of books” the U.S. government is keeping as well as his warnings that without radical changes to “business as usual” the U.S. economy is a train wreck in the making. Note that Walker was appointed and confirmed by George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush. Walker has no political ax to grind.
    These are two of many recent examples that support my belief that we
are moving into a phase of consciousness evolution where deception will be unmasked every time it’s tried.
    There is no longer time or place for behavior that will not support the highest good for all concerned. Even esoteric writings that have been the purview of a select few throughout history have begun to surface, becoming available for all who wish to know their content.
    All of these events, and more, are why I say “There are no secrets.”
    As for my second belief around the winds of change, what could be more obvious than the rapid ascent of Barack Obama (literally predicated upon the word “change” itself) and the simultaneous repudiation of the type of politics practiced by Hilary Clinton?
    While this phenomenon is intriguing, it’s critical that we look beyond the surface and see what it is that people are actually seeking.
    Yesterday, I was being interviewed by Carolyn Firestone of WBZ radio in Boston. Carolyn Hosts “Women’s Watch” and she asked me what I thought about all the despair that appears to be so widespread. My reply was that I am actually encouraged because I do not see despair any longer. What I now see is dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is a vast improvement over despair because despair is immobilizing. It is where we have been. But dissatisfaction has an active component that moves people to action. The very vocal clamoring for “change” that is in the air is, in fact, that active component.
    What we must stay conscious around, and present with, are the types of changes we seek and the means by which we intend to effect those choices. Change for change sake, without a conscious awareness of where we are, and where it is we wish to go, opens the door to a usurpation of our inherent power as individuals by those who wish to power over us. This has been our history. It will not be our future.
    Each of us needs to get our thoughts and our actions in alignment with our intentions and then commit to the tough work ahead that is necessary to manifest those goals.
    So, having looked at the news today I am heartened. We are on the right track. No more secrets and the winds of meaningful change.
    It’s a great day in America.

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