To Thy Own Self Be True

>     I was recently in Barnes and Noble, doing what I often do, browsing. I just love walking through those aisles, lingering here and there to take in all that shared knowledge. What struck me during my most recent foray was the proliferation of titles that, in one way or another, proposed or promised direction in “Finding Your Life’s Purpose.”  Such books abound and so do their sales numbers.
    There are no accidents. I live by this belief.
    So the recent calling to all of these writers to develop the topic of finding one’s Life purpose indicates two truths: 1) a lot of people are being “guided” to disseminate a specific message at this time and, 2) a lot of people are ready for that message.
    Let’s explore the message, why it’s so important and why, until now,  it’s received so little attention.
    The message that each of us has a unique Life’s purpose implies that there’s a specific job that each of us is to perform in our lifetimes. If each of us has a job that can only be accomplished by that individual, then to not “show up” for that job is not only to miss the reason we are alive but also to leave unattended a necessary component in the ongoing process of evolution.
    Recently I spoke to a group of high school sophomores on the topic of depression and attempted suicide. I presented them with a history of my life including an attempted suicide 26 years ago. I showed them had I not survived that attempt and gone on in search of my Life’s purpose, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all of the remarkable things I’ve achieved since that time. Since each of those accomplishments was built upon the one that preceded it, all of them combined had brought me to be standing before them sharing my message. That speech…that day…before those specific children…was an appointment in My Life that I was able to keep because I have identified my Life’s Purpose.
    I spread Hope and Inspiration.
    Throughout the day, after my presentation to each class, several students would approach me with tears or heartfelt gratitude for my sharing the intimate details of my journey. My message to them was, and remains, that had I not survived and gone on to find My Life’s Purpose, I would not have been there to provide them with what they needed. When we don’t “show up” for our Life’s unique purpose, no one else does.
    And that makes all the difference in the world.
    Now that we know why it’s vital to find your Life’s purpose, how about examining why something so important has received so little press throughout the ages?
    I think the answer lies in the dark corners of the desire to power over and control others.
    If I know that I have been created by a Creator who has given me an indispensable assignment for which I am fully equipped to successfully complete, and that I am carrying within me seeds of that Creator’s energy, who or what would I defer to in making My Life’s decisions or in pursuit of My Life’s Purpose? No one and nothing.
    Such a conscious and awakened individual leaves no room for it’s manipulation by others or external events.
    Now, knowing that you have a unique Life purpose, and that the absence of that knowledge has been the source of all of your pain and suffering, you can go forward from this moment with the certainty that your job awaits your arrival. It’s compensation is incalculable in monetary terms but priceless in abundance of spirit. Your contribution, through your work is not to a 401(k) plan but rather to repair of the world’s suffering from the pain of separation. Your retirement will not be to Florida but to an eternally flowing river of Consciousness that nurtures All That Is and All That Ever Will Be. Such are the rewards of living You Life’s Purpose.
    To Thy Own Self Be True.
    I suspect Shakespeare knew exactly what he was talking about.

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