Petraeus: The Latest in a Pattern of Behavior

Ronald Kessler writing for is reporting that the Obama Administration knew of General Petraeus’ national-security-compromising, extra-marital affair and deliberately held back on exposing it until after the Presidential Election. If this turns out to be accurate, then the lengths this President, now elected for another 4 years, will go to protect himself and those around him far exceeds the imaginable. Not only that, but his total disregard for the safety and security of the United States and its citizens reveals a pattern of behavior that, when combined with other occurrences, borders on treason.

Treason? That’s a serious charge. Well, you decide.

1.  A refusal to use the term terrorist or Islamist in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood, a religious/political organization dedicated to the eradication of Israel, domination of the United States, and the establishment of a global Caliphate run by Sharia Law.

2.  Public encouragement and support of the Arab Spring despite ongoing indications that the revolution was leading Egypt to a more radical Islamic state than had existed under Hosnai Mubarak’s downfall.

3.  Funding and arms to topple dictator Muammar Gadaffi leading to the arming of Al Queda which then used those weapons to attack the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and kill Ambassador Stevens and three others.

4.  U.S. Arms shipments through Turkey, by way of Muslim Brotherhood intermediaries, allegedly to support Syrian rebels opposing President Assad’s regime when in fact those arms were and are going to the radical Islamic extremists in Syria.

5.  Failure to come to the aid of Ambassador Stevens and the others who died in Benghazi despite advance notice of the threat to the State Department and real-time intelligence to State, Defense and the White House as the murders were occurring.

6.  Deliberately failing to identify the known terrorist organization(s) who attacked and killed U.S. citizens in Benghazi while simultaneously conspiring to deliberately mislead and misinform U.S. citizens by blaming it on an irrelevant and unconnected video.

7.  Information indicating that General Petraeus was seriously compromised by his own behavior and subject to blackmail, thereby potentially putting the U.S. in harm’s way yet deliberately withholding that information and refusing, for months, to dismiss the General until after the Presidential election fearing adverse consequences for the President’s re-election possibilities.

Treason is a crime that refers to extreme acts against one’s  sovereign or nation and is defined as “a citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].”

So the question remains, “At what point does this Administration’s knowing and willful actions that repeatedly put American citizens at risk while supporting known terrorist organizations seriously injure this nation and thereby reach the level of treason?

I’ll leave you with that question since this is both your country as well as mine. While we both ponder the possible answers, know that you continue to be lied to and fed misinformation by this President, his Administration, and the mainstream media.

Rethinking your vote yet?


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4 Responses to “Petraeus: The Latest in a Pattern of Behavior”

  • He got elected. Must have done something right. The Republican Party is soon to be retired to an old folks home for white men and women who don’t know what day it is but still talk about the past glory of the Republican Party ie. Lincoln . End the vitriole and get back to speaking about topics of importance.

    You have too much to offer the world and to promote the flow of positive energy .

    • carole:

      First, I am contributing by standing and speaking for the Truth of what I perceive. Secondly, put aside your generalizations and cite where I am factually incorrect in the events I set forth to make my case, and 3) as for ending the vitriol …”an old folks home for white men and women who don’t know what day it is but still talk about the past glory” certainly qualifies.

  • Mary:

    Donald, where do you refute any of the statements you call “vitriol”? Can you factually bring any of them into question?

    You are intellectually dishonest. You may be feeling quite superior now, but I feel sorry for you and the people who voted like you. You really seem to have no idea what you have done.

    As a licensed medical professional keeping a close eye on what’s been going on since Obama was first elected, I can tell you that what’s to come is going to be very ugly.

    This is something I can promise you. So you continue calling people of faith and conviction hateful, vitriolic, racist or whatever else you can find in your bag of stones – the real indicator of truth is in the fruits of what you will be seeing with socialized health care and a country who has lost even the appearance of an objective press.

    Sorry for you Donald.

  • W Connor:

    The respondents seem to agreee that the end result is justified by the means – no thought given to the facts
    that are undeniable — this information was deliberatly
    withheld from all of us — doubt Teason would be proclaimed in a court of law — however a great disservice has been done to all US citizens in a coverup
    to secure re-election – unfortunate for our country.