Petraeus Resigns Why?

Just when you think it can’t get any more absurd you find out you’re wrong.  Director of the CIA General David Patraeus resigning over an affair? Really? He couldn’t keep it a secret? Please. This is so tied to the shameful fiasco in Benghazi that caused four good Americans to die, two of whom were heroic ex-Navy Seals, that its hard to believe the “powers that be” would have the audacity to try and sell this cover-up.

But wait. Of course they would try and sell it to a nation that just re-elected Barack Obama.

Now, I believe in Divine Providence. I was certain that our Creator had a hand in the election results which is why I was disappointed, yes…but not angry or despondent as so many who contacted me. As of this latest news about the General, I have ever more certainty (if you can even increase certainty) that  there is a greater plan at work than anyone yet perceives.

One of the hallmarks of an “ascension” or “expansion in consciousness” is more energy…more Light…more clarity if you will. It becomes increasingly difficult to obscure the illusions usually perpetrated upon us. Which is why I have been saying for several years now, “There are no more secrets.”  What is deceptive and disingenuous will be revealed sooner or later and more likely, sooner.

On one level you have those who like to play in the darkness. They think they can power over others by deceit and manipulation. Hence, the “video caused the Benghazi attack” fiction…until it fell apart. You see, there’s the key. It fell apart.” Why? Because no matter how clever the darkness deludes itself into thinking it is, the Light always has its way.

This affair-driven resignation by General Petraeus reeks of dishonesty. Not the dishonesty to a wife for an extramarital affair bur rather dishonesty to a nation for failure to perform in the function for which he was hired.

Give up AM and FM. Stay tuned to “LM”…the LightFrequency Modulation for the latest and most accurate information on this and other scandals yet to unfold.  You tune in by going within your own  core while connecting directly to The Source of All That Is.

It’s going to be a much more interesting second term than they ever imagined.



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