Prosper During Change

As if there were not already enough “chaos” to deal with… London is in flames.  That’s the bad news.  From here on out…it gets optimistic. Really.

Let’s start with chaos.  Chaos is not a bad state of being. It’s merely an as yet unrecognized pattern.  What that means is that when we go through change (something we do more than anything else in or lives) there is always a period when we’ve move out of the familiar but are not yet fully into the new pattern.  It’s that “moment”, as we walk into the unknown, there is a feeling of uncertainty and resistance as we re-familiarize ourselves with what’s new and  reestablish our footing, so to speak.

That’s where we are, globally.  It’s actually the “Change” of “Hope and Change” that so many asked for and got.  They just got it in the way the Universe thought it would be best… which turns out to be somewhat different than what was sought.

Which is where the expression “Be careful what you ask for because you’re liable to get it” comes from.

What we wanted was change without stress. Well, change doesn’t cause stress. Resistance to change causes stress.  So what we really wanted was change without any disruption to how we do things and what we have.

That was kind of juvenile… don’t you think?

As for London… less than 1% of the population is causing the destruction and violence.  This is important to note because to make changes in a society or situation, statistically it takes about 10% of the total population.  So, if 1% of the population can cause such disruption and harm… imagine what just 10% of us can do, globally, in support of peace.

Let me leave you with these two conclusions.

1.        Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Change requires that and if you do, change will come more quickly with less stress.

2.        Become part of the 10%.

Oh yes, keep breathing and smiling.  That helps too.

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