Debt Ceiling or Phoenix Rising?

As our elected officials continue to struggle with the futility of attempting to apply depleted energies to problem solving rather than embracing spiritually-based, co-creative thinking…each of us must hold onto the core belief that we can directly influence the outcome of unfolding events by how we think, speak and act individually.

It’s my favorite saying:  “There is only One of Us”

Once you surrender to this concept, choices become clearer.

“Surrender” being the operative word here.

Generally, we are pretty adept at seeking a higher power. It’s surrendering to it when we encounter it that trips us up.  It’s one thing to yearn.  Many of us do that in our personal lives. We yearn for relationship…we yearn for a partner…we yearn for love. Then, when we find those things, we spend the rest of our lives resisting surrender to the very thing we sought and, miraculously, found.

We are no different when in search of a Higher Power. Of Source.  Of God.  Of The God Within.  We seek and yearn and explore all sorts of avenues to find that connection that will bring us inner peace and give our lives profound meaning. Then, on those occasions when we get a glimpse of such Power, we manufacture all sorts of reasons why it cannot possibly be as we experienced it (a/k/a/ denial) …or… why it just makes more sense to go on our merry way living life as we always have (a/k/a ego- directed).  And so we wind up back where we started and the merry way of the merry-go-round goes… yes…’round and ‘round.

How do we get off this ride?


Surrender does not mean relinquish your individuality. Nor does it mean relinquish power (with a small “p”) over creating your best life.  Surrender means letting go attachments and outcomes. Instead, leaning to accept and receive what life brings you in each and every moment with certainty that whatever that may be it holds the potential for your highest good.  The key to getting there is being fully conscious and fully aware in the present moment so that you can access inner guidance to handle that which is in front of you.

You’d be pleasantly surprised at what you can know when you are present and aware. Knowing is certainty… and certainty creates reality.

So while the politicians fiddle as Rome burns… know that The Phoenix rises from the ashes…and so to shall We…  All of us because …wait for it…

There is only One of Us.


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