A Global 911?

It’s never easy to look for and find a “higher purpose” in tragic events.  Sometimes, in fact, doing so appears almost heartless.  So I am well aware of the dangers in what I am about to say.

The events in Japan are akin to a global 911 of natural origin.  I think they hold the potential for rebirth, healing and unity for much of the world.  However, before I go there, let me say that I’ve been broken hearted over the loss of life and suffering being experienced by the Japanese people.  I have been praying for them daily since the earthquake and tsunami struck.

Now, to what I mean by a “global 911.”  On September 11th, tragedy struck on an unprecedented scale, lives were lost, and commerce interrupted.  The reaction, although admittedly brief, was Oneness.  Not only did all of this nation’s citizens pull together to help respond to every conceivable need, but so did many individuals and nations from around the world. There was a temporary understanding by humanity’s Consciousness that we are all in deed connected and, therefore, united we stand.

There’s no terrorist behind what is occurring in Japan.  It’s Earth and Nature in service to restoring balance to a world that has veered far off course and that is very out of balance.  Again, I am sensitive to how callous this may sound but in order for caterpillar to be transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillar must relinquish its physical form.

Something similar is happening in Japan.  Believe that I value all life forms and see not one human Being as expendable.  But as painful and tragic as this catastrophe and loss of life is, its form that’s being altered.  There is no corresponding destruction of Spirit.

We are all connected. We have been disrespectful of one another and the Earth.  We have been insensitive, greedy and lacking in compassion.  We have ignored our Oneness.  We have  created the imbalance.

Nature is infinitely more powerful and resourceful than we.  No amount of manmade protection or planning will outstay It’s staying power.  This is what we are witnessing in Japan.

We can awaken NOW and do what we did not do after 911.  We can lay down our differences  and our indifference to honor how connected we are to each other and the Earth that sustains us.  We can know and act in accordance with that knowing that this is the moment of “united we stand or divided we fall.”

In compassion… we can weep for those suffering and those lost.

In wisdom… we can know that every thought, word and deed matters.

In Our knowing, we can act as One.


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One Response to “A Global 911?”

  • Alvin:

    You are able to put into words what few others can…However, as much as I would want to see a collective effort to change things, I hold out little hope that it will be the case.

    I am not blaming you in anyway…but all the nastiness, all the negative commentary heard daily on TV, Radio and here in the Net, about the way our country is run, how things are done by our politicians has caused many to just turn off completely. It’s got to stop…all of it…both sides, if we are to grow and be what the Japanese have shown us they are in every respect. It was reported that there is NO looting, none. You see thousands of people standing patiently in line, children, adults, seniors all waiting their turn at being provided a bottle of water and some food to eat. Could you imagine that scene here, and in other places around the globe?

    Of course I feel pain for their people, as I did for the Haitains and all the natural disasters that are shown daily to us all…But as a result we have become immuned and only care about ourselves…What can you do for me…seems to be more of what I see and hear, rather than the words you so eloqently expressed…At the very least I have you to make me be aware and come away after reading your words, feeling some better sense of it all.