Revolution: Good or Bad News?

Pattern realignment is what is commonly called “change.” Chaos is a natural and necessary byproduct of change.  What we are witnessing in the Middle East is an effort at political realignment.  I use the word effort because only time will tell the outcome.  And not much time at that.

Egypt, Tunisia,& Libya have all experienced major revolts while  Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Iran, Iraq, Jordon, Oman and Yemen have had significant protests.   There is nothing uncertain or meek about how determined these populations are in expressing their exhaustion with the status quo or their impatience in demanding an end to it.

Revolution can be a good thing… or not.  The most common and oft referenced examples are the American vs. the French.  One ended in a Republic and the other in beheadings and a return to Monarchy.

So what will likely be the outcome this latest and widespread populist upheaval?

While I think history can be instructive, I don’t think it will be determinative or conclusive at this particular moment in the evolution of human Consciousness.

Why?  Because we’ve never been here before.

Here is a transcendent moment.  By this I mean that if we can view events in the Middle East and around the world, generally, from a higher vantage point (“higher ground” as I like to say) we have the opportunity to co-create an unprecedented global future wherein individuality is honored within a framework of worldwide connectivity.

It’s a BIG if.

Why?  Because people and systems entrenched in power don’t go down without a fight.   And because we humans tend to be an impatient lot.

No matter how well intentioned and fueled the emergent tidal wave of freedom currently is throughout the Middle East, unless there is a will to endure with our humanity in tact through the uncertainty and birth pangs of co-creating a new paradigm for governance that honors the individual, the culture, and its role in an interdependent world… those antiquated forces fighting for survival will prevail.

I recently read a great line in Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton and Brruce Bhaerman.  It was “Love a cancer cell to death.”  The message is based upon scientifically verifiable experiments at the quantum level that 1) the observer has a direct influence upon the observed and 2) Love heals, literally.

Perhaps this understanding can be applied elsewhere… even the Middle East.  Love the old regimes to death and, in their place, envision one giant leap for human Consciousness.

It’s our best hope.

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