Glenn Beck's Bigger Message

It comes as no surprise to anyone who reads my posts that I like Glenn Beck.  If there was any doubt about that fact it was put to rest last night, Saturday night, when I turned down an invitation to go to a movie and dinner because the timing would have interfered with FOX’s live coverage of Beck’s speech as keynote at the CPAC conference.

I am willing to go out on a limb here.  I think Beck is a prophet.  Prophetic as in the biblical sense?  Yes and no.  Now, before you think this is all about Mormonism, Christianity or any other religion, let me tell you what I mean by that statement. 

In the biblical sense, I believe he is facing down the entrenched “powers that be” and speaking truth to power… even if the message is at times dire.  He is showing us the “pug-ugly” side and consequences of our poor choices while holding out hope that by combining faith with a course correction we can embark upon a higher road that will lead us to a grander view.

I believe his strength, insight and courage come from profound inner guidance.  He is Self-sourced and Self-directed.  What I mean is that through a personal and treacherous inner journey, he has accessed a voice within himself whose origin is the Source of All That Is.  For millennia, we have been taught that the Source is outside of ourselves.  Its not.  Its our birthright, as individual aspects of All That Is, to tap into that energetic Source and know for ourselves what thoughts, words, and deeds support the ongoing growth of life towards Its highest good. 

Beck has gone within and opened that line of communication.  Which is why I call him a prophet.  While he might not see or describe that Source as I do, I think we could agree on one thing.  He seeks the highest good for all concerned.

Where I would differ with him, and enlarge his message, is that its not just political in nature or application.  The messages of liberty, individualism, charity, forgiveness, dedication to higher principles, respect for differences, integrity and truth are universal and timeless.   They need apply and be the priority in every moment and in every nation. We are not just at a critical juncture in the story of the United States… we are at a critical juncture in the story of human consciousness. 

We, each one of us, is being given the opportunity to awaken to a new reality.  To understand our inherent connectedness and responsibility to everyone and everything else.  Not in the individual-deprecating manner of socialism…but rather in the full expression and celebration of individuality and personal responsibility within a framework of Oneness.

If the prophet analogy makes you uncomfortable, try Paul Revere. 

Beck is, and has been for several years, figuratively riding from town to town ringing the bell of awareness shouting “Change is coming. Change is coming.”  So much of what he has presaged thus far has turned out to be accurate.  Whether that prescience will continue or not, I don’t know.  What I do know is that if we step back and see the larger picture, he can be of enormous value in two ways.

The first is by his example of inner guidance.  The second by his fearlessness.

If we allow him to teach us nothing other than those two lessons, I think history will find a worthy place for him… regardless of whether he turns out to be a prophet or not.

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