Barack Obama: The Audacity of Deceit

I’ve been writing this blog for over two years and for most of that time I have been repeating an “optimistic” warning (admittedly, an oxymoron!).>  It goes something like this.  As we go through this transitory and transformational shift, anything that is deceitful, or cloaked in dark, dense, energy will be revealed.  This is simply the natural outcome of what happens when light shines upon darkness.  The shadows are revealed for what they truly are, and for what lies behind them.

My analysis, in fact my knowing and certainty about all of this, stems from a spiritual and metaphysical base. However, if you prefer, Bill Nuy (“The Science Guy”), a highly educated and well known scientist, was recently quoted as saying that “there isa tremendous amount of energy [infusing] the planet right now.”  Light is energy.  Whether your perspective is physical or metaphysical, the conclusion is the same.  There’s a lot of Light around.  Hence, fewer shadows.

Which brings me to Barack Obama.

Yesterday I watched and listened to two separate videotaped interviews with the man during the Presidential campaign.  The content of the videos, and the statements made by Obama, are contradictory and irreconcilable.  They are also undeniably revealing of Obama’s unconscionable ability to flat out lie.

Hence, my optimistic warning. 

It was vital that we come know, as quickly and surely as possible, who this man is.  After all, we knew nothing about him when elected.  At the time, he was an orator with a bumper sticker.  Did he have core values that he lived by?  Did he have integrity we could count on?  Was he philosophically and genuinely aligned with the the best interests of the nation? 

Its only been a year but the Light has done its work. 

We know who Barack Obama is.  He is a man who on any given day will look into the camera and say his only professional connection with ACORN was a legal matter he was once involved in while in private practice that also included the Justice Department.  And, he is a man who will on another day and for another purpose  say that he has worked for the interests of ACORN his entire professional career and will call them, they won’t have to call him, to protect ACORN’s interests.

This following is a painful sentence to write. 

Barack Obama is an unconscionable liar who represents, and is advocating, interests that are adverse to the continued well being of the United States and the highest good for its citizens.

I believe the two videos I watched, made public by Glenn Beck, are the beginning of the end for this President.

My optimism remains in tact, though.  The Light is doing its work.

Take heart.

Its a course correction.

That’s all.

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