Mother Nature Takes on Chavez

I’m a firm believer that Nature has a way of correcting imbalances and moderating excess.  Because of that, I often look to Nature for answers to very human problems.  It seems all the international support and opposition to the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez has been less effective in bringing pressures to bear on the political situation in that country than that which Mother Nature has now engaged.

It seems Venezuela is in the midst of a dangerous and prolonged drought that is taxing the country’s main hydroelectric source, Guri Dam.  With the dam’s water already 33 feet below acceptable levels and months yet to go in drought season, the prospect looms large that a crisis is potentially in the making.  Shortages and fines are already a reality with more to come.  Should the dam dry up, the country could come to a standstill. Literally.

Such an occurrence and its effect would seem almost biblical.  Sort of like locusts or darkness.  Then again, that’s exactly how a dictator who defied human rights and imposed upon his People corrupt and self-aggrandizing measures finally got the message that you can only defy Natural Law so long.  Then, when all else fails, Natural Law implements Its own remedies. 

Historically, these tend to be much less desirable than man-made solutions.

Now I’m not equating Chavez to Pharaoh.  How could I?  Pharaoh ruled an empire. Chavez rules a country in South America.  But here’s the point.

The world was very far adrift during Pharaoh’s reign.  Values were skewed.  Respect for human dignity was a non-sequitur.  A few were prospering at the expense, and on the backs, of the many.  And while Chavez and his ilk worldwide bemoan the plight of the “workers of the world”, they are busy lining their own pockets, and the pockets of their cronies, with the wealth created by the workers they profess to be helping. 

So one could say the world is once again very far adrift.

When humankind seems out of viable options for a course correction, Nature has a way of filling the vacuum.  She (yes, I said she) has at Her disposal resources that makes ours pale in comparison. 

Turning off the water is just one of them.
Today there was a byline on’s home page that hinted at the perfect storm set up by a continued recession and the prospect of another terror strike.  Of course, such a coming together of economic woes and the threat of terrorism is real and potentially devastating.  Californians have severe economic and cultural problems of their own but today there was also a 6.5 earthquake in Northern California.

Nature knows how to get our attention.

Have you noticed that most of the fear-based predictions and cautions that we are daily inundated with by the media don’t pan out they way they’re “supposed to.”  Yes, the DOW went from 14,000 to 6500…but it also went back up to 10,500.  Yes, terror attempts have been made, but they’ve failed. 

This isn’t to say the economy can’t collapse or a terrorist won’t succeed.  But until such time, I’m more concerned that we understand that Mother Nature has had enough of our shennanigans and our inability to live in harmony with one another, respecting the dignity of every human being and Her body, Earth, as well.

The consequences of Her having reached Her limit are certainly more catastrophic than the war games and political intrigue politicians play. 

A lot of world leaders would like to see an end to the Chavez government and others like it. To that end they have pursued their goal overtly and covertly.  They have tried diplomacy and aggression.  Yet oppressive regimes still stand.

Chavez is finally in trouble. It may not be hot water but it’s water non-the-less.  Internal unrest is escalating as the populace blames his government’s corruption and incompetence for the lack of preparedness and creation of viable alternatives to Guri Dam as an energy source for the country.

We would all be wise to sit up and take notice, and an accounting as well, of where and how we might self-correct.  The alternative will be very unpleasant.  I did say “She” above, didn’t I?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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