What Dodd's Exit Signals

The big news today is the surprising decision by Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut) and several other sitting members of the Senate not to seek re-election in 2010.  Both the political Left and Right have quickly gone on record to put their interpretations on why… and what this means for their parties’ respective political outcomes come the midterm elections.  Of course, each believes it will work to their partisan advantage.

In the midst of so much economic uncertainty and recent resurrection of the potential threat of another terrorist attack upon Americans or U.S. soil, let me posit an alternative outcome.

There will likely be more such announcements by sitting members of Congress in coming weeks and months.  Its political hunting season.  House and Senate members with skeletons in their closet, or guilt on their conscience, know the American public is armed and looking for game.

But let me turn from such a violent metaphor and say that I think its all good.  What it signifies is that, no matter what has personally or politically precipitated these decisions to walk, they open the door for a change in the character and focus of the individuals who will fill these seats and, therefore, truly represent We The People. 

Things are never as they seem.  While the Democrats appear to be scrambling and shaking things up within to effect damage control… and the Republicans are scrambling to strategize how to seize those seats now in play, I think there is a “higher ground” scenario at work here. 

I believe that individuals with a more Universal view and expanded consciousness will emerge to become frontline spiritual warriors in the transformation of the Consciousness of this nation… not in the sense that Progressives view that transformation as occurring, but rather in the sense of a renewed dedication to freedom, individuality, responsibility, integrity, creativity and compassion.

Yes, these are challenging times.  But they are exhilarating times as well… filled with the potential for greatness and expansion.  Not territorial expansion as has always been the case.  But expansion of mankind’s understanding of, and contribution to, a Plan that is infinitely grander, profoundly wiser and irresistibly more loving than anything we have participated in thus far.

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