A Hotline for Times of Stress

When you’re on a spiritual path, and all of us are whether we’re aware of it or not, you go through spiritual growth spurts just like any other growth process.  These are exhilarating times filled with optimism and faith. And, as you’d suspect, you also reach plateaus, or periods of “flat-lining”, when there appears to be no growth at all.  Finally, to our collective dismay, there are those times when it appears that some or all of our progress to-date has been lost…or at least seriously misplaced…and we wonder, in our confusion, where hope or inspiration may be found.  Often times, this is when we reach out and call a friend.

In such moments, well meaning
friends can empathize. They can even show compassion. That’s why we
call them.  But, if what you really need is a transfusion, there’s
simply nothing in a first-aid kit that will do the trick.  You must go to
the bank where the blood is stored. 

I have another suggestion born of experience.

Call God instead.

What it means to “call God instead” is to forgo the urge to ask someone other than yourself to lift you up.  It means to surrender, in the most positive sense, the unfolding of your life to the Power that has given you life.  It means to ask, out loud, for clarity as to your Life’s purpose and how to best manifest it.  It means to move your ego to a back burner and acknowledge that while you are not in control… you are in process of Be-coming that which you were designed to Be.

I choose the word “designed” here for a reason.

There is, in fact, a blueprint, for each of us.  A plan for our fruition and our purpose. There is nothing in Creation for which a blueprint does not exist… encoded within its very essence.  It’s how a rose “grows up” to become a rose and not a daisy.  For us, its encoded into our DNA.  The only difference between the rose and us is that we have Free Will to interfere with the encoding and a mechanism with which to effect that interference…called “ego.”  

When ego’s interference misleads us too far from our intended purpose (which, by the way, is to Be All That Love Is) we feel the dismay that sets in as a result of our self-imposed distance from Source.

This is the time to call God because God is where the original blueprint of You exists in its clearest form. 

Since God created You with the intention that You Be As You Are Designed To Be, it is God’s delight when called upon to shine The Light in order to show you, once again, the way back upon the path of your intended purpose.

By the way, when you make that call, you never get a busy signal.

God originated call waiting.

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