Is Janet Napolitano Right for the Job?

I watched CBS’s “This Week” on Sunday morning when Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was interviewed and asked how the terrorist who tried to blow up a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit managed to get a multiple visit U.S. visa and board the plane when he was a known security risk.  But for the quick response of a passenger who jumped the terrorist and disarmed him, the ending might have been tragic. The Director’s reply was that the system had, in fact, worked and the passengers and everything necessary came together to thwart the attempt. 

My 16 year-old-daughter was walking through our living room at the time the Director spoke those words and, without missing a step, my daughter said out loud “It wasn’t the passenger’s job. It was yours.”  It seems my 16-year-old gets it….even if the Director of Homeland Security doesn’t.

Now, one day later, it seems Director Napolitano has had a change of heart.  Within 24 hours of that  comment she has, apparently, made a startling realization. The system, it now appears, failed.
No kidding, Janet.

I pride myself on being able to find the higher meaning in every story.  I have found it here.

Either 1) the Director changed her mind due to the outrage that followed her comments, making it a political change of mind not necessarily an enlightened one; or 2) she really is that dense and believed the system worked as intended, or 3) absent political fallout, she will defend this Administration regardless of the correctness, truthfulness, or even logic of her assertions. 

Whichever is the case, the incident has given us insight into the necessity of replacing her as Head of Homeland Security.

It is hardly in the interest of this nation, or its citizens, to have an individual so unqualified, political and/or clueless, as Janet Napolitano in charge of our individual and collective safety.

So, let us be grateful to the Nigerian terrorist who failed at his intended purpose… but succeeded, brilliantly, at an unintended one.

We now know Napolitano must go

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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