Chavez, Ahmadinejad, & Netanyahu

I’m not someone who has ever had a position on the inherent value of the United Nations or it’s effectiveness. I know there are proponents on either side of the issue.  I’ve just never given it much consideration. 

Until this week.

This week, three world leaders stood before that organization.  Two would have been laughable in their ignorance, bigotry and hatred had their very presence at the United Nations not dignified them beyond either merit or reason. 

Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are carbon copies of historical predecessors who sought to dominate and subjugate the very people they claimed to represent and care for.  Such men have one goal. It is the annihilation of the Jewish people and the destruction of freedom everywhere. They would see their goals accomplished through repression, deceit, torture and murder.

The United Nations welcomed these two men and gave them a platform. Some delegates even shamelessly laughed and applauded as Chavez, once again, debased an American President.  A former American President.  It seems he actually likes our current one.  A disturbing fact that should give us all pause.

The third man to speak was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Holding the United Nations feet to the fire of its Charter, he questioned the morality and absence of shame in providing these other two a stage from which to spew their hatred.  He spoke of historical fact, not fiction.  As if any rational or feeling person might need it, he came with proof in hand.  He held up a mirror for those listening who were brave enough to look upon their own reflection.

Then, having spoken truth to power, he went on to speak of all that has been and will be accomplished by civil and humane societies everywhere that look to better the world for the highest good of all concerned. 

I began by saying that I am not someone who has ever had a position on the inherent value of the United Nations or it’s effectiveness.

I do now.

It is an institution with vast potential that has completely failed to achieve its mission.  It is a mockery of what it was envisioned to be. It is rendered impotent by nature of its cowardice.  It is irrelevant.

As an American, I am proud that our delegation left the room when Ahmadinejad spoke.

As a Jew I am proud of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s forthrightness.  I have not always been a fan… but he “had me at hello” on this one. 

As a member of humankind, I hope we, the people of the world, continue to awaken to the choices we face at this critical time of transition and transformation.

The Chavezes and Ahmadinejads of the world or the Netanyahus?

The choice, and the voice, belongs to each of us.

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