Christ Consciousness Revisited

Five months ago I wrote an entry titled “Christ Consciousness” that daily continues to receive more hits that any other blog I’ve written since.  So I asked myself why?

I think I know the answer.

It all rests on the difference between reality and illusion….between religion and spirituality.

Most of what we are concerned with, what our minds are preoccupied with on a daily basis, is…quite literally…a distraction from the only thing in life that truly matters: being in a constant state of co-creating with love.   While this may sound unrealistic given the practicalities of life, and somewhat philosophical as well, to the contrary, nothing could be more realistic or practical.

The opposite of reality is illusion.  How many of us know, by way of first-hand experience, that what we’ve been taught, told and sold will satisfy us and make us happy is simply an empty promise.  How many of us “acquire” and “achieve” accomplishments, degrees and “stuff” only to realize that none of it makes a meaningful difference in how joyful or satisfying our lives are?   That’s because the world of achieving, acquiring and materialism is a world created not by the One Mind capable of creating a Universe and more….but rather by only one aspect of that Mind….and a misapplied aspect at that….called the human ego.   Everything ego makes is temporary.  You know it and I know it.  If it’s temporary, then it will come and it will go. And if it can go, then where does that leave us other than in a perpetual state of anticipating and fearing abandonment and lack?

T o the contrary, what is real, and neither illusory nor temporary, is that which Creator is…which is All There Is.  Creator is eternal creativity, ever-expanding outward by way of Its Unified Thought, in a field of loving awareness of Self.  What we have forgotten, or denied, is that we are part of that Unified Thought thus making us co-creators in loving awareness of self.  If Who You Are is eternal, ever-expanding, unified and lovingly aware then you must be something much more than either your body or your ego since both are limited and finite.   Which is why identifying with our bodies or trying to “gain” self love through achievement or acquisition is so unsatisfying and must, ultimately, fail.

What has been forgotten can be remembered.  What has been denied has occurred because when we deny something in another it’s because we are not aware of it in ourselves. The way to heal our own sense of unworthiness, our own alienation from the state of wholeness that is our birthright, is to see others as whole, healed, and worthy in themselves.  By so doing, you return them to the Only Mind There Is and to the Reality where peace and joy reside. 

What you see in others is what is in you.  Therefore, the blessing you have given them becomes yours.

Which is why I think the previous entry “Christ Consciousness” is getting so much attention… for it strikes a deep knowing within each of us.

                                       The way home is lovingly with and through one another

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