Is It Really About Health Care or Much More?

This year marks our arrival at a crossroad.  We are exactly 40 years out from Woodstock and Woodstock was exactly 40 years out from The Great Depresssion.  “So what’s the crossroad?” you ask.  If you give me a moment or two I’ll explain; but first, let’s take a look at what’s happening right now that’s causing public outcries, Republican and Democrat stone-throwing, and so much general discontent.

Most of us are aware that there’s something like a war being waged between what I’ll call, for lack of more accurate terms, Conservatives and Liberals.  While these have come to be completely meaningless terms, using them will make identifying the combatants easier.

The instant battle in this war seems to be over health care reform…although this is just the latest in a series of public objections to what appears to some as increasingly and, increasingly unacceptable, government ineptitude and intervention into the private sector.  The important words in the previous sentence are the words “to some”…because how many and who they are seems to be over what the battle is currently being waged.

Conservatives say the battle is inextricably tied to the intention of the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and even survival of the Republic. They are united in their opposition and claim their numbers are increasing daily.  Liberals say the battle is tied to compassion for those who have been marginalized by both prior Administrations and private sector greed, and, ultimately, is inextricably tied to our financial solvency and overall economic survival going forward. They, too, are united in their opposition and believe their adherents are the majority, and have been for some time, albeit a less vocal one.

So which of them is right?  Oh, sorry.  Wrong question.

So, what is the Truth?

First, to the combatants: both are right and both are wrong.  You see, its the old saying “there are three sides to every story. Yours, mine and the Truth.”

What we do now, about health care reform and everything else that’s on the table or will be, is very much about what the Founding Fathers intended.  It is about the future of the Republic.  It is about compassion and action for those marginalized by institutional biases and greed.  It is about what kind of participant we, the United States…and we, as Co-Creators in the future of humankind…will be in the evolving consciousness of life during this millennium, on this planet, and beyond.

That’s where, combined, both groups have it right. 

The Truth, however, isn’t found within either argument and is bigger than both combined.  The Truth has nothing to do with right or wrong. The Truth isn’t about perception, judgment or separation.  The Truth is about harmony and Oneness.  The truth is found at the crossroad.

So, let’s return to The Great Depression, Woodstock and that crossroad.

Woodstock was emblematic of a vocal, and seemingly brief, generational rejection of the materialism and direction this nation had pursued following The Great Depression.  I say “brief” because many of we Boomers who later got caught up in that very materialism, also lost sigh of the fact that in so doing we became seduced and distracted by it.  Our distraction led to our abdicating responsibility for heading in the very direction we had earlier opposed.  From 1990-2008 life got faster, more materially comfortable, and more technologically dependent. It also got more stressful, more alienated, less meaningful and less joyful.

If The Great Depression was the beginning, and Woodstock the milestone, then we have arrived at the crossroad.

The Truth?

The Constitution was divinely inspired. But so are you.  So are we all.  We’ve just forgotten our purpose. 

Our purpose isn’t to accomplish anything more than remembering that we are not what we make, what we consume, or what we bank.  We are One Being.  All we have is all we need.  We are what we share and give away in joyful knowing that we are of One Mind and One Heart.  Sustenance and Abundance are our birthrights.  We are Co-Creators in the ongoing miracle that is the only Creation that ever occurred or ever will.

No government, no political party, no employer, no spouse is your Source of supply.  One Mind is.  Connect with that Mind; know that it is within You as it is within everyone else.  Be joyful about that knowing and share your gifts and your part in it freely… knowing that the adage “All you have is what you give away” is about trusting in the only Truth there is.

It isn’t True because I say it is, either. 

It just Is.

Or, better said, “I Am That I Am.”

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