The Business of Hope

I’m in the business of Hope.

It’s very rewarding work. Let me give you an example of what I do.

Recently, I attended a women’s networking luncheon sponsored by a law firm. You see, I used to be a lawyer and was invited through my law school alumni association. It was set up like “speed-dating”….exchanging 5 minutes with each person present to share what you do professionally and see if you can make any lasting or lucrative business contacts. As I said, a former lawyer, I attended to market my current field, which is Life Coaching. Since I was certain that every other woman there would be a lawyer, I saw it as a great opportunity. But an interesting thing happened on the way to marketing my Life Coaching.

Hope happened.

In the process of those 5 minute exchanges, I encountered three special women. One was a young lawyer from China who had moved to the United States 5 years ago and had just obtained her license to practice in the U.S.  The other two were recent law school graduates looking to make contacts to find a job. And while I couldn’t offer any of them a job, I was able to give them something of great value. I gave them each a much needed dose of self-confidence, renewed faith in a positive outcome, and hope. I just didn’t know that’s what I had given them until the luncheon was over.  As I was sitting in a corner talking with another attendee, each of those three young women went out of their way to find me and thank me, in their own way, for what I had given them.  Each had a big smile on her face and obvious renewed purpose in her voice and eyes. I was happy for them.

After the luncheon I was wondering whether going had been worth the time and effort since I wasn’t sure if I actually made any contacts that would turn into future business. And that question stayed with me until the next morning when, engaged in my routine meditation practice of starting each day, I got my answer. For in the middle of my meditation, I became overwhelmed with a loving feeling around what I had been able to do for those three young women and had the realization that they were actually the reason I had been guided to go to that event.

Whether I get business out of it is irrelevant. 

We are all here to serve in some way….to support the highest good for the Earth and It’s inhabitants.  This is the only real meaning that Life can have and its also the only thing of lasting value. Some of us figure that out sooner than others. I’m one of the late bloomers. It’s not that I’ve never known that what I routinely do is gain insight into what people are struggling with and throw them a lifeline, its that its only recently that I’ve realized it’s my Life’s Work.  It’s my purpose, my calling, it’s Who I Am. 

Because we live in a society where materialism reigns supreme and you are what you produce or earn in dollars, we are not encouraged to know the necessity and importance of identifying what makes our Soul sing or the mandate to then sing that song.

As a nation and a species we are passing through very challenging times. Many people are feeling lost, frightened and insecure about the future. I don’t know about the need for lawyers or Life Coaches during such transition, but I know with certainty that there will be plenty of work for someone in the business of Hope.

As for what the job pays…well, that’s not all that important to me.

You see, when doing God’s work, everything you need is provided by your Employer.

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