Patience Through It All

>     Much of what I write concerns a “higher ground” approach to living life. As a firm believer in an ever-expanding Consciousness that underlies reality as we know it, I am forever seeking the highest message we can take from each day’s events in order to elevate the quality of the world we co-create anew each day. And while I always find that message, and always promote that we follow it’s teaching, I think it’s worth a few moments to reflect upon what’s needed to transition from fear-based thinking to love-based action.
    It takes patience.
    We’re not long on it these days, mainly due to the rate of speed the technology has us “operating” at. We are all so rushed in trying to keep up with all the demands upon our time and attention that patience has pretty much become an historical concept to most people. And so, when I suggest changing the way your are in the habit of both thinking about and living your life, this can seem an insurmountable task for which you have neither the time nor the patience.
    However, if you devote your time anywhere, it should obviously be devoted to ways that improve your immediate world and the world in general. Because I’m certain you get that part of the process, I feel no need to belabor it. We know the truth when we hear it. Whether or not we choose to follow or act upon it is what Free Will is all about.
    The patience piece, however, deserves a little time and attention.
    I’m no harder on you than I am on myself. I strive each day to be better than I was the day before, and to actually apply and live these “higher principles” that I write about. One key piece of advice that I want to share from experience is the need to be patient with yourself as you change the way you see and respond to reality.
    Expanding your Consciousness is no different than developing your biceps. If you were to set out to build up your biceps, you’d approach it in the following way:

    1) Begin a regular program designed to do effect your goal.
    2) Regularly participate in that program.
    3) Anticipate some discomfort as the previously un-worked muscles are
strained in the toning process.
    4) Allow a reasonable amount of time to assess progress.
    5) Re-evaluate your progress and your goal.
    6) Set a new goal.
    Elevating your Consciousness fundamentally requires the same approach. However, when it comes to changing our thoughts and behavior, it’s Step #4 that can most easily cause us to abandon the mission.
    Not only are we impatient with ourselves and the process, but we have a tendency to think that because we are trying the results should be immediately recognizable. Worse yet, we don’t allow for “two steps forward and one step back.”
    We have a harder time focusing on our progress than our shortcomings.
    My personal experience with applying all of these expanded Consciousness principles is that one begins to live in two realities simultaneously…or at least alternatively. One reality is the one that you have been comfortably, albeit unsuccessfully and unconsciously, living in most of your life. You are familiar with it but it has brought neither peace nor profound joy to your existence. The other reality is the one that you now experience through your expanded awareness of the possibilities for synchronicity, harmony and congruence in relation to everyone and everything. And while this new reality is exhilarating and empowering, it also seems fleeting.
    The point at which you are unable to stay in that heightened state is when you need to draw on patience to allow for the fact that you are strengthening a new muscle as sure as if you were developing that bicep. When you not only lose your grasp on that higher reality, but also find yourself back in the former one behaving in ways that baffle you in light of your new awareness,…again, patience! in allowing yourself the human experience of how growth occurs. It’s not always a dramatic growth spurt. More often than not it’s a transition from one state of being to another, with a significant amount of overlap throughout the transition process. So throw a little patience into the mix and remember that 1) you have a goal and 2) you are determined to achieve it.
    If you’ll permit me, a little extra piece of advice.
    Forgive yourself for behavior that appears to be backsliding. It’s really just residual “stuff” on it’s way out as you ascend into a state of Being where there happens to be no room to carry the “stuff” you’re so perfectly leaving behind.
    Patience and Forgiveness on the road to Oneness.
    Sounds almost biblical.

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