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>     Remember the 1990’s when the stock market was soaring through the ceiling and everyone who had the chance to have been invested in it was making more money than they ever dreamed they could? Back then every news report led with the DOW and NASDAQ numbers. I remember it clearly because it drove me crazy that the world seemed to revolve around the money. I tired of it, and yet it was almost impossible not to be inundated with those rising numbers on an hourly basis.
    Now, we’re headed back there again. But this time it’s the falling numbers and the growing apprehension around an economy that appears to be headed into tricky, some even say disastrous, waters. The tension, fear if you will, is becoming palpable. Combine this with a Presidential election on the horizon and we’re smack in the middle of some serious uncertainty.
    What’s a person to do? There are a few guidelines.
    First, hold on, but not too tightly. The ride is likely to be a bumpy one with a fair share of tossing and turning…that’s why the admonition is to keep your grip steady but flexible. Holding on too tightly can get something you’d rather not, snapped. Changing times are an opportunity to exercise the skill of adaptability. Better to ebb and flow than hunker down. From a flexible position, you will be better positioned to make necessary adjustments as things unfold.
    Secondly, know your core. By that I mean know what your guiding principles are and where your bottom line is in regard to what you value and what you are willing to let go. By having a good, working knowledge of what is important to you in Life, you will be positioned to be both inner directed and flexible.
  Thirdly, change is chaotic by it’s very nature. So expect the unexpected. Let go now of ideas and ways of doing things that have previously worked for you, as they will likely no longer bring the same end result. Old ways applied to new patterns will hardly create harmony. What will be required is an open mind and willingness to not react to the chaos, but rather to creatively approach situations with an expansive eye toward possible solutions…for there will be many.
     Finally, as the chaos intensifies, resist the urge to look to others for “answers.” Instead, go within and source your own inner guidance, trusting your own instincts to see you through.
     The economic news is a symptom, not a root cause. And when symptoms appear, there is always the choice between acquiescing to the potential “bad news” before it’s confirmed that it even exists (thereby guaranteeing that it will come)…or refocusing one’s efforts on identifying the most prudent and expeditious course to wellness.
     Let’s treat the economic indicators as symptoms that the underlying organism is out of balance and realign our priorities and our goals to bring It back to Center.
    This isn’t the end of anything other than worn out ways of living Life that need to be updated.
    We are living through Source’s correction. The DOW is just a symptom.

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