The Hits Just Keep on Coming

>     How timely that in yesterday’s blog I wrote about the ways to deal with chaos born of change and today we have a three-continent wide interruption to internet and electronic communications as a result of a severed underwater cable. This “interruption”, as governments and media are characterizing it, is more like a high-tech tsunami. And it’s just one of many such “interruptions” that will be occurring. As I said yesterday, we are in the midst of enormous change and change’s “middle name” is chaos.
    For those of you who may not have read the previous blog, the point was that the challenging economic experiences we are encountering are symptomatic of a deeper and more profound shift taking place in the “non-material” realm. You can read “non-material” as “spiritual”, “religious”, “cosmic”, “extra-terrestrial”, or “religious”…whatever your preference. What matters is that you secure your boat for these are rough seas approaching. While I don’t intend to sound like I’m prophesying anything, or giving credence to prophecies gone by, I can’t help calling it as I see it.
    What I see is an
imbalance among Nature, humanity and technology. At some point in
our development we lost sight of the inter-relationship and necessary
balance between these aspects of our existence.     The natural state of an organism, if allowed, is to self-organize when out of balance. Given the “opportunity”, it will bring itself back into balance through realignment of those parts that are the source of the imbalance. We are now experiencing the correction, or realignment, of the parts of our world, our reality, that have become so misaligned as to inhibit it’s proper functioning and impede movement along it’s intended path. Simply stated, our choices have created misalignments that are in need of correction. Now, also as I see it, all parts are impacted by realignment but not all parts are impacted equally. Depending on where a part(you) are “located” in relation to where the “change” occurs, you will experience that change differently.
    Since the “organism” in this case is human consciousness and what we have created with it, changes will occur at critical points where misalignment is most egregious. So, if for example, you are a day trader in Dubai and you’re working on a multi-billion dollar trade that needs to take place today or it will result in a loss of mega sums of money, you will feel the effects of the damaged cable, “the realignment”, significantly greater than a charitable person feeding the homeless on the streets of New Delhi. Same part of the world, same humanity…just positioned differently in relation to the misaligned part and the applied correction.
    If it all sounds a little mystical, or just a little esoteric…let me simplify it.
     We have let the technology that we created run us. We became too caught up in power. We lost sight of our connectedness to one another and the responsibility of what that means. We abandoned the children. We abandoned the women. We abandoned the elderly. We became egocentric. We, humanity, lost our way. That’s the bad news.
    Wait. There’s good news.
    You can’t find your way home unless you’ve been lost. Well, maybe you can but it’s not the same. Once you’ve been lost, the journey home takes on profound meaning and the arrival untold joy. Yes, we have been lost and the journey home is a difficult one filled with obstacles. We can surmount those obstacles with lesser or greater difficulty, depending on where we put our thoughts, words and actions. Like the day trader in Dubai and the person feeding the homeless in New Delhi.
    We are on our way home and determined to get there. Each of us has a faint memory of how wonderful it feels to rest safely in the warm Light of Home. It is toward that feeling, and by that Light, we now travel. Welcome and embrace the opportunities to make personal choices that help move the collective consciousness, Oneness, back into alignment with Itself.
    That’s a homecoming no one should want to miss.

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