We're All Experts

>     There isn’t any subject that does not have an expert these days. It used to be that having an advanced degree in some field, or many years of employment at a specific job gave a person the apparent authority (right or wrong) to speak on a topic. Now, even those requirements seem to have vanished as everyone and anyone who can type (and find a publisher or self-publish) is an authority…or at least has the answers to whatever physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually ails you.
    And for a small fee, perhaps the price of the book, you too can know the “secret.”
    Well, here’s my secret. There are no secrets.  No one is a better authority on your life than you are. And no one is a better arbiter of what matters in life than you are. The challenge we all face, and try to avoid, is the necessary inner journey to where those answers lie. And the reason we try to avoid the journey is because it’s solo and it’s hard.
    No way around that one.
    I mean, you can try and pass it off to someone else by seeking their counsel, or opinion, or advice but all you’ll have to show for it is their view of the world and their view overlaid upon your unique landscape. None of us is born with more or less access to Truth. The question isn’t how much can we amass as a testimony to our accomplishments but rather how far inward can we traverse and how close can we get to that place of silence from where all knowing emanates?
    “Knowing” is an interesting word. We tend to take it to mean some intellectual awareness or clarity around information or data. But true knowing is as in “and Adam knew Eve.” It doesn’t mean he understood her, or that he had sexual relations with her…it means he was One with her in spirit and, as One, had an innate knowing of all there was to know. This is our birthright…to know all there is to know about Our Selves and The Source of All Selves.
    Birthright doesn’t necessarily mean cakewalk. Our pain originates from our sense of separation. But without a deep sense of separation, it would be almost impossible to know and appreciate Oneness. For it is in the awakening from separation, and the transcendence of it, that we are finally able to experience the fullness and wonder of knowing All That Is.
    So, the next time you’re inclined to buy that book, CD, DVD, or enroll in that course…remember that neither Moses nor Jesus nor Buddha nor Lao Tzu ever charged a fee although they did spend a lot of time and energy on the journey within.

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