Free Falling

         >There’s a great scene in the movie “Jerry Maguire” where Tom Cruise,having been fired from his corporate job as a Sport’s Agent, scrambles to retain the one client, a recent college graduate all star, who could make Cruise a success all on his own. After meeting with the young man and his father and getting their agreement to exclusively sign with him, Cruise heads off to catch his flight back home. Exhilarated by the coup, Cruise is seen driving his rental car while station-surfing the car radio to find music that resonates with his mood. When he finally finds the song, it’s “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty. Both the lyrics and the music seem to capture the precipice that Cruise is walking between the “valley of death” and “heaven on earth.”
    I should be humming that same song today following another in the series of Democratic debates last night on television and this morning’s economic news of a DOW and NASDAQ in free fall. You see, we are traversing a precipice of our own and it has to do with Consciousness.  
    Let’s liken Tom Cruise’s firing to the huge drop in global markets over the last 24 (and perhaps coming 24) hours. What was the given is suddenly no longer true or reliable.  A sudden and, on the surface at least, devastating occurrence takes place. At such moments, one is suddenly confronted with two options: succumb to the apparent devastation with panic, fear and immobility or seize the moment to source oneself for calm, meaning and appropriate action.
    Now let’s liken Cruise’s decision to go out on his own and seize the opportunity to create a reality that exceeded even his own prior expectations of himself to what Clinton, Obama and Edwards did last night in the 2nd hour of their debate. In that hour, there were no time constraints on the candidates for their answers. In fact, there were no rules. They went from standing at podiums and answering pre-determined, moderator-imposed questions in the first hour to sitting down in three chairs and having a “conversation” among themselves in the 2nd. It was glorious. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.
    We, the People, were able to see them more relaxed, more unscripted, and more like what they might be like in talking with heads of state where policy concerns differ. It was previously unavailable insight into all three of them, for those of us who looked, although my point here is not about those insights or who they are. Kudos for whoever had the courage to put forth that format! We, the People are not interested in the show any longer. We want the Truth of the matter…and if you have the courage to present it to us we are awakened and courageous enough ourselves to see and hear it.
    My point is that humankind is walking a precipice between the old and the new, between what has always been and what is now possible in real time, between being pushed by fear or led by hope. We are Jerry Maguire. We’re in that car, taking that chance, and station-surfing for the music to express our heart-songs
    “Free Fallin” works for us as well.
    Ignore the economic news. It’s just an opportunity to move past the external, fear-based reality construct that has been in place for thousands of years and move towards sourcing inner guidance that propels you towards your highest good and the good of all concerned.
    Times of uncertainty create lots of unknowns which generate many questions. It is neither those questions nor their answers that matter. What matters is knowing with certainty that the Source of All questions and their answers Is within you…for you alone to discover.
    Walk this precipice with your eyes and heart wide open and discover a landscape rich and beautiful beyond your wildest imaginings.
    It just might turn out to be heaven on earth.

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