House Call

>    Our house is sick. Yes, a house can get sick the same way a person can…by being out of balance and holding on to old energy. Sound a bit “out there?” Not really. Allow me to explain.
    We bought our house 6 years ago from two elderly people who had raised their family in it and were going to retire to Florida. We gave them their asking price without any counteroffer. They seemed lovely and honest people. On the disclosure form, they stated that the house never had any water leakage. The morning after settlement, we awakened up to a thunderstorm and an inch of water in the sun room. We contacted the sellers but they refused to address their obvious lie, so we sued them and settled for the cost of building a new room.
    We then hired a contractor to do some major renovations elsewhere in the house and, it turned out, he was a fraud who did half the total job at half the competency level and refused to make good on anything. So we sued him and got a judgment against him for the actual damages plus fraud.
    A few months ago we had flooding in our basement and the damage required gutting the room and re-finishing it. We had an insurance claim for part of the renovation.
    Then, as we were about to tear down and rebuild the leaking sun room, lightening hit it and bent the metal frame and cracked the glass. It’s not repairable so it’s being torn down and rebuilt. The replacement cost is totally covered by our homeowners insurance.
    Finally, (I hope) we refinished the hardwood floors in the house last week and the contractor used a toxic polyurethane to seal the stain and I became ill with labored breathing. We had to move out of the house for 4 days into a hotel and get another contractor to come in an re-sand all the toxic material off and re-do the floors. The first contractor is returning our deposit and paying for our hotel and food expenses.
    See, I told you. Our house is sick.
    Now there are two ways to look at all of this.
    Door number 1 is that we are under some sort of curse, bought what is essentially a “money pit” and are the innocent victims of insurmountable bad luck.
    I prefer door number 2. All matter is composed of energy. Energy can be positive or negative, in or out of balance. When there is too much negativity, the energetic balance must be re-established for optimum performance.
    The people who lived in this house before us were not honest people. At the very least, we know they set out to intentionally lie to us, so I think it’s safe to assume that after 28 years of living in this house, it took on an excess build-up of negative energy. Behind door number 2, that negative energy is being released through the experiences our family has been having since we bought it.
    I’ve “owned” several properties in my life thus far. Philosophically, I have always taken the position that I’m just a steward of the land for the time I live on it…meant to turn it over to the next person, improved and more enriched than when I received it. So I see this series of events, this purging of negativity, as the improvement and enrichment that is my chosen path.
    While it’s all been challenging, to say the least, the Sellers eventually paid what they should have reduced the selling price by, the contractor who did the renovations is about to have a Sheriff’s sale of his property to meet the judgment amount, the insurance company will pay for the new sun room, and the flooring contractor will refund our deposit and pay for the hotel and food expenses. So I think the outcomes speak to my underlying belief. I will leave the property improved and more enriched that when I received it, and while that can be a daunting task, you always get the help you need to do the job your meant to do.
    Oh, and one other point.
    While the house has been clearing itself of old energies, so have the inhabitants. My husband, daughter and I also have a lot of negative energy stored up (as most of us do) and over these 6 years we’ve been clearing that as well.
    I guess that’s what they mean when they say that when you’re house shopping, you always know the one your “meant to buy” the minute you find it.
    This has been the prefect house.

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