Blessed Confusion

>    Have you noticed the political dialog beginning to “ramp up” with each day we come closer to the 2008 Presidential election? Panic is already beginning to set in as both parties, Republicans and Democrats alike, realize their message is simply not working. As more and more of them awaken to the reality that they have lost the public trust and don’t know how to regain it, they are becoming more and more desperate and, therefore, more and more hateful of speech towards one another.
    What neither of them realize is that their “opposition” is not the other Party, but their own refusal to let go of old systems of belief, behavior and thought that serve neither themselves nor the people they were elected to serve.
    As I look at the Presidential field in both parties, I have but one overriding thought. I don’t know if Barack Obama is “The Man” but I can tell you for certain he is carrying “The Message.”
    The Constitution upon which our government was formed does not begin with “Me vs. You the People…” It begins with “We The People…” for a reason. Enlightened men (and I am certain, women), having left behind nations that were constituted by class and social division, knew the necessity of Oneness. They understood, and passed down to us, the fundamental principle of co-existence that we have ignored and attempted to defy.
    That principle simply stated is this: We Are All One.
    The Democrats would have us believe that the enemy is here at home, in the form of corporations and wealthy individuals who take advantage of the majority for the benefit of the minority. The Republicans would have us believe that the enemy is on other shores, and of other cultures, with the sole purpose of destroying us.
    Both are wrong.
    There is no enemy, domestic or foreign, other than Humankind’s willful refusal to accept its inherent interconnectedness and interdependency. We are branches of the same tree. One branch, diseased and left untreated, will eventually eat away the health of the whole. It’s our continued, self-imposed, delusion that somehow we can hate each other and kill each other and think of ourselves as disconnected from each other that is eating away at our future.
    There are those who say we need a President who understands the economic realities and can manage our fiscal life. There are those who say we need a President who understands the threat of global terrorism and can manage our military and foreign policy to meet that threat. There are those who say we need a President who is sympathetic to the healthcare “crisis” and the environmental “crisis” and will tackle these issues head on, while taking on the lobbying industry which exists solely to prevent progress in these matters.
    I say we need a President who understands that we have had, over time and repeatedly, Presidents who understood some or all of these issues and yet we have none-the-less arrived Here and Now in the condition we find ourselves.
    We need a President who understands and has the courage to state and implement policies that support our Oneness. We are more than “One nation under God.” We are One Humankind under God. We are each and all created equally, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, political affiliation or spiritual belief system.
    It’s too late for politics as usual with Hilary Clinton or the fear-based message of Rudy Guliani. John Edwards is perpetuating separation and division with his “Two Americas.” And while I think Mitt Romney and others probably “get” the economy, we are so much bigger than that.
    The time for small thinking and division is passed.
    Barack Obama, by his words, is showing that he understands the immediate need to speak to our commonalities and connectedness rather than our differences. I think he understands that same commonality and connectedness to other nations and cultures, as well. Whether or not he can walk the talk will only be known in deed.
    Never the Pollyanna, I do not think this new way of seeing the world will be an easy path to walk. It is fraught with land mines, figurative and literal alike. What I do know, and what you can hear the Republicans and Democrats desperately scrambling to resurrect, is the unmistakable sound of an era, dying. There is no time to tend to the corpse.
    Let’s put our energies into co-creating a reality where we honor our Oneness and our diversity.
    Look out any window. This principle is at work everywhere else in Nature. And Nature has been around a lot longer than Humankind.  It’s Humankind that has yet to learn how to be kind to humans.
    I remain an optimist. For every caterpillar that dies a butterfly is born. This is the natural, evolutionary process of things. Humankind has entered into its “lifetime of the butterfly.”
     As we spread our wings, let us spread the word.

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