What’s Wrong With New Yorkers

Maybe it’s the combined, long-term effects of the water, traffic, noise, pace and general rudeness that has finally taken its toll on the residents of one of the largest cities in the world. With 47% of its inhabitants supportive of Anthony Weiner staying in the Mayoral race (a percentage determined by polling after his most recent mea culpa) I can only conclude that the cause is some form of collective brain damage. After all, French sociologist Emile Durkheim introduced the term “collective consciousness” so why not collective brain damage?Brain damage

Only an intellectually challenged (or morally bankrupt) individual would seek to empower someone as depraved and deceitful as Anthony Weiner by giving him carte blanche over the 16th largest economy in the world…not to mention unfettered power over the women who live and work there.

Years ago, while practicing law, I had a female client who had been physically and emotionally abused by her husband for years. He refused to reasonably settle the case, taking the same bullying approach to my efforts as he was used to doing in the marriage. So, I tried the case.  After extensive testimony by my client, and lengthy cross-examination of the husband, the judge wrote an opinion that began with the words, “Husband is an abuser, a liar and a manipulative individual who lacks any semblance of conscience.”

Allow me to run with that.

Anthony Weiner is a serial liar, sex addict, sexual predator, and ego-maniac who lacks a conscience. Should New Yorkers actually elect him Mayor, it will say more about their own depravity and abandonment of common decency than it could ever say about him.  In that case, they and their city will be irretrievably lost.


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