Hope and Change Egyptian Style

Who would have ever thought that the Egyptians would be teaching us anything about Civil Disobedience or “Hope and Change”? But as the Egyptian people take to the streets and raise their voices in opposition to deceit, oppression and incompetence…we here in American remain disturbingly silent in the face of the same issue: a President and Administration that is not, it turns out, what they purported to be when seeking office.

PharoahTellingly, during the Arab Spring, President Obama was quick to support the “will of the Egyptian people” and equally ready to praise the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi in replacing the ousted Hosni Mubarak. Now, as Morsi has been revealed to be the incompetent, radical Islamist that he is, President Obama’s silence is deafening, not to mention indicative of his true stance on “the will of the people.” For it seems that to President Obama, the will of the people is nothing more than a tool to be implemented when it aligns with his goals and an annoyance or obstacle to be ignored or circumvented when it does not.

But I digress.

I have to admire Egyptians for their unwillingness to allow Morsi any more time that he has already been given to right the country’s economic and social ills. While I do not condone violent revolution (deaths and rape are still a part of the unfolding “democracy” in Egypt) it is none-the-less admirable that those people are willing to take to the streets, raise their voices and risk their lives to bring down an Islamic dictatorship bent on, not democratic principles, but rather a global Caliphate. Their bravery and willingness to stand is something we Americans used to pride ourselves on before we became greedy, sated with materiality, and disconnected from our Creator.

While no one knows for certain the outcome in Egypt, I have a bit more certainty when it comes to the outcome here. If we don’ take heed of the Egyptians (a sentence I never thought I’d write) and read their signs (“Wake Up Americans…Barack Obama Backs Up A Fascist Regime in Egypt”) it is we who will soon be lugging stones to build a pyramid under the direction of a Pharaoh.

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