Putin’s Glad You’re Distracted

While most of the country is easily distracted (and manipulated) into following either the Grammy Awards or a firefight between a heinous ex-LAPD cop and various law enforcement agencies, some of us have been otherwise engaged. There are actually reasons to be concerned, but among them aren’t Taylor Swift’s latest stab at an ex-boyfriend or the political rant of an ex-cop gone bad.

thIn case you missed it, Russian President Vladimir Putin has bought enough gold over the last decade to equal three times the size of the Statue of Liberty hedging against collapse of the EURO and the U.S. dollar.  His secretary of State has deliberately snubbed our recently confirmed Secretary of State by not returning Kerry’s phone call relating to North Korea’s provocative nuclear test (a direct diplomatic smack in the face).  Further, two Russian nuclear-armed bombers circled the western Pacific island of Guam just prior to President Obama’s State of the Union speech apparently directly addressing and taunting President Obama’s unrelenting determination to dismantle our nuclear deterrent capabilities.

I don’t write a blog to instill or escalate fear. There’s enough of that in main stream media, Hollywood productions and video games. I do, however, write to awaken and inform.  Yesterday, on my talk radio show “The Gold Standard” I spent the hour looking at “apathy” and “victimization” and how they lead to enslavement and violence, respectively.

Unless enough of our citizens awaken to the immanent need to question his or her focus, values and energies… we are in for a boat load of trouble that will make what happened on the Carnival cruise ship “Triumph” look like a stroll in the park.

If, by chance, you feel overwhelmed and tend to take the stance that you are just one person so what can you do anyway, well… try writing U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas a “Thank You.”   He may be the “new kid on the [Congressional] block” but he’s doing the heavy lifting in Congress you say you always want from your elected officials.  He’s taken on the status quo and refusing to play by the “accepted” rules. You can thank him for the delay in the Chuck Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense, a delay that is warranted if, for no other reason, than dubious and misleading statements Hagel made under oath that necessitate further scrutiny.

Email the thank you to Senator Cruz and write your own Senators praising Cruz’s courage as exemplary. Then rethink whether you ought to be a passive follower of movie star romances and real-time gun fights or an informed and engaged citizen.

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